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Week O’Nautical: How To Easily Update For Spring

Week O’Nautical: Update Without Breaking Your Budget

The Nautical trend is always a good way to update your wardrobe for spring.  In most places it’s still pretty cold out, but we’re over our black on black on black and heavy winter wear.  You can work in a few nautical pieces that will go with your winter basics and your summer basics making a very versatile spring wardrobe update.  Avon just released their Seaside Gardens (see more), a nautical fashion and home capsule collection, and its extremely affordable!  Let’s look how you can update your spring looks without breaking the break.


The Power Of 4.

Add 4 pieces, yep just 4 pieces.  Sticking to only 4 pieces keeps you in budget and will be just enough to switch up your basics and breathe new life. The Avon Seaside Gardens collection is pretty affordable, so 4 pieces would keep you close to that $100 range.  I would suggest a top, bottom, accessory and dress, but you need to gage your current wardrobe and lifestyle.  Looking at what I was loving, needed and knew would flatter my shape, I went with a skirt, sandal, handbag and scarf.  I can mix and match to update my spring wardrobe with these 4 items totaling $110.96!

Melanie Pencil Skirt in Gingham

I wear a lot of skirts and dress for work, and with the hot temps in Nor Cal a skirt works well for my lifestyle.  If your lifestyle wears more casual and you’re just going to wear your favorite jeans try a classic nautical striped top like the Michelle Boat Neck top ($19.99).

Ankle strap, block heels and pretty embellishment, all a spring shoe needs!

I’ve always been a shoe person.  A new spring shoe can even make an all black outfit feel like spring.  The shoe selection in the Seaside Gardens collection is strong!  I went with the Avon Cushion Walk Sandal With Stone Clusters, a low block heel sandal which will be functional, on trend and a pop of color.

Give me all the nautical shoes!

Switching to a new spring bag is the easiest way to spring up your wardrobe without giving up any of your winter wear.  I went with this Veronica Tote Bag in the Blue and White strip (it also comes in red!).


Avon Veronica Tote with Scarf



Pick 1 thing different than anything you have.

For me it was this square scarf.  I have plenty of big, wrap all over you scarfs, but I don’t have a cute little silky square scarf in a nautical print!  Don’t diminish the power of an accessory, I can wear this as a cute neck scarf, a style I’ve never done and would bring something completely new to my look.  Plus, it would be some warmth around the neck in the chilly weather.  I can also wear it tied on a bag, as a head scarf, or ever worn a few different ways as a neck scarf.

Avon Silky Scarf

I literally could go through the entire collection and come up with a million combinations of 4 items to mix and match into your regular wardrobe.  If you would like me to select a personalized pick for you, leave a comment!

Nautical Square Scarf


Spring Perks

As an Avon representative, not only do I get to order things early, I also get some perks.  For instance, with the Seaside Gardens collection, with every 4 items I ordered I received a FREE pair of earrings.  These Avon Pop of Red Statement Earrings ($9.99) to be exact.  A piece of statement jewelry is definitely a good idea for a 5th piece to add to my original 4.  Even if I wear these with my black on black on black I’m adding a pop of something fresh.  Or I can pair this with the block heel sandals and I’ll bump up my look for spring.  *if you want early access, discounts and all the perks of being an Avon rep too you can sign up here for ONLY $25!

Statement Earrings For All The Nautical Looks

I couldn’t be more pleased with the 4 items I picked.  You can shop the entire collection at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger or see more here!  When building your order be sure to add on the Fresh Picks For Spring A Box for only $10 with a $40 purchase.  It not only is a great deal but will be the perfect makeup items to pair with your nautical outfits.  See my look with it here!

Mid Month Makeover – $100 To Update Your September

“Do you remember the 21st night of September?  Love was changing the minds of pretenders.  While chasing the clouds away”… who doesn’t sing a little Earth Wind and Fire come September?  September is kinda like a re-fresh with everything back to school and fall-tastic, so here’s my picks on what to refresh your September with and only spending $100 because let’s face it all these fun fall activities add up!

Mid Month Makeover - $100 To Update Your September

Mid Month Makeover – $100 To Update Your September

mark. Sweat Equity Dress $40 – So this is a deep dark navy sweatshirt dress with a textured houndstooth pattern… why is it my top pick?  Not just because it’s houndstooth but it’s a super versatile item for September.  Wear it as a dress as the weather still a little warm with a suede sandal, a flat or a pair of chucks for weekend.  Then as it cools down switch to a bootie or boot and as it gets even colder layer it with leggings or tights or even a collard shirt for a tailored look.  All while being extremely soft and comfy in a sweatshirt dress!  Navy is a little more chic and unexpected from your normal black, but because it’s so dark it will look really nice paired against black.

mark. sweat equity dress

mark. sweat equity dress

mark. Buckled In Tote $44 – Everyone needs a good fall bag and basic black is always a good decision.  I like this one because it’s big enough to fit everything you need to go from work to weeked and can even double as a travel bag while still not being TOO big.  It rests easy on the shoulder, has a crucial functional zip pocket on the outside  and fun details with the buckles.  Plus the material is really easy to clean.

mark. buckled in tote

mark. buckled in tote

mark. Touch and Glow Shimmer Bars $16 – Just like switching up your wardrobe you need to switch up your makeup for the fall too.  You’re coming off of your summer glow so the warm bronzes, golds and peaches in this set are prefect.  Plus it’s a multitasker, one product for eyes, bronzer and highlighter and will pair perfectly with a fall lip no matter if you go berry, vampy or nude.  See how to use this product to strobe here and a golden look here.

mark. Touch and Glow Shimmer Bars

mark. Touch and Glow Shimmer Bars

mark. All Bundled Up FREE with a $45 purchase (a $30 value) – Now through Sept. 17th you can bet a mark. All Bundled Up Set FREE with your purchase so if you buy the items above you’ll get this, which is the perfect fall switch up for your scent.  Check my review here.

mark. all bundled up

mark. all bundled up

So we have the mark. Sweat Equity dress at $40, the Buckled In Tote for $44 and the Touch and Glow Shimmer Bars at $16, hitting $100 on the dot with a FREE gift of the All Bundled Up!  However, if you have some extra wiggle room my next pick is some fall booties!  I really like the matching bootie to the Buckled In Tote the mark. Right In Step Booties, you’ll see this shape on everyone this fall!  You can shop all the items at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger as well as all the new fall arrivals to update your September!

mark. right instep ankle boot

mark. right instep ankle boot