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12 Days of Deals

We’re actually on day 5 of 12 days of deals. You know I’m always late, so of course I’m late on sharing this.  So for the next 7 days, every day will have a new deal with a $45 order at  Which is a great time to pick up some stocking stuffers, gift add ons, and of course your holiday looks.  Use the free gift as a gift you don’t have to buy or keep it for yourself as something to get holiday ready with.  Today’s deal is 20% off, which a gift of money is always a good idea, but here are the rest of the deals for you to take advantage of:

Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


Day 8


Day 9


Day 10


Day 11


Day 12


Each offer is good for 24 hours so use the promo code in the picture on the day it’s offered at 

Happy Shopping!

Free Friday: Dazzling Blue

Dazzling Blue

Dazzling Blue

It’s the little things in life that make all the difference.  Sometimes it’s the little things that can turn a smile upside down.  For me these dazzling blue accessories have me smiling!  A whole new outfit isn’t always in the budget but a few new key accessories can totally fill that void.

Avon Dazzler Top Coat

Avon Dazzler Top Coat

This dazzling blue combo with the Avon Drawstring Hobo Bag, Midnight Ink Necklace and Dazzlers Top Coat in Disco Ball are just the punch November needs!  Pair them with your favorite jeans, comfy sweater and boots!  I have to admit, definitely convinced me on the need for a bucket bag… check out how she styles her’s with sweaters and boots expertly!

Avon Drawstring Bag and Midnight Ink Style Swap Necklace

Avon Drawstring Bag and Midnight Ink Style Swap Necklace

This bright blue bag also comes in a bright yellow!  The shape is as classic as they come but I was impressed on how soft it was and shape it had.  Plus the little zip pocket on the side is a game changer for your phone/keys!  Best of all it’s on sale!  So is the Avon Style Swap Necklace (last seen here) and Avon Dazzlers Top Coat (last seen here).  Not only are a ton of items currently on sale at my eBoutique the Holiday Shop just launched so PLENTY of new gift ideas expertly curated for the holidays!  In addition to a free ship code going on any order placed now through Tuesday (11/10/15) will earn you a FREE gift directly and exclusively through me as your avon rep!  Either contact me directly to order (comment, email or on FB) or order online at Just a little perk for supporting me and my word 🙂