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Black Friday Deals You Can Shop Now

Black Friday Deals You Can Shop Now

Black Friday Deals You Can Shop Now

With Thanksgiving falling late this year a lot of retailers are releasing deals all this week. I’m sure there will be door busters that hyped up Black Friday but for the most part shopping now provides just as good of a deal. And let’s be real, its a short work week and I know a bunch of you are just killing time, screwing around on the internet, so might as well shop online, get some deals, free shipping and get a leg up on your shopping.

Promo Code:  AVONBLACK


Black Friday offers going on at the eBoutique with promo code AVONBLACK

Spend $20+ and get free shipping.
Spend $45+ and get an additional 20% off.
Spend $65+ and you’ll get our Life of the Party 7-Piece Gift Set (a $50 value) free!

FREE Gift Set with a $60 Order

FREE Gift Set with a $60 Order

Over at my online store all with the promo code AVONBLACK you can get 3 offers depending on order size.  The best value is spending a min of $60 and getting this free gift set.  This gift set could be a gift all in itself, or break it up use the hand creams as office gift, pair the beauty items together as a girlfriend gifts, or use these as your stocking stuffers, or keep it all for yourself while buying gifts for others!  If you need some ideas on what to order check my past posts during our 12 Days of Deals.  If you want more personal suggestions I’d love to help curate some gift ideas.  You can reach out to me at aliciahess1 @ or DM on Instagram @wordofalicia or on facebook.  You can always leave a comment on this post and I’ll reach out to you there.

12 Days of Deals – Day 10: Free Vitamin C Serum

12 Days of Deals is still going on over at the eBoutique but only for a few more days!  If you follow me on IG/FB you saw day 8&9 but today its this full size Vitamin C Serum for FREE with your $50 order.

Use Promo Code VITAMINC

Use Promo Code VITAMINC

12 Days of Deals – Day 10:  FREE Anew Vitamin C Serum a $44 value with promo code VITAMINC

Word of Alicia:  The Vitamin C Serum is one of my must have’s especially now that its been reformulated!  If you haven’t tried it with its new silky, quick absorbing formula then what a better way than to try it for FREE! Vit C really helps with sun and age spots and the winter is the BEST time to use it and help repair that damage.  Pair it with a super hydrating moisturizer as with all vitamin c products they contain alcohol so you actually absorb the vitamin c.  I really like it paired with the Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Creme.  If I were to build a $50 order to get this serum for free this is the order I’d build:

Order Idea to get the FREE Vitamin C Serum

Order Idea to get the FREE Vitamin C Serum

My absolute favorite gift bundle is this Let It Glow Skincare Blockbuster for $49.  Not only does it have a $154 value but it contains some of my absolute favorites that I’ve talked about so many times it also has the perfect red lip matte lipstick for the holidays and beyond.  The Avon Mattitude Lipstick in Persistent is a deeper red that looks magical with simple eye makeup for the holidays.  And can we talk about that glitter bag!?  Its the icing on the cake!  Because we need to add another dollar to hit that $50 mark I suggest my fav senses in Starfruit & Coconut that’s now on clearance for $2.99 (see here).

Alicia's Fav Set:  The Let It Glow Skincare Bundle

Alicia’s Fav Set: The Let It Glow Skincare Bundle

You could either gift the Let It Glow Skincare Bundle, break it up and use as individual gifts and keep the free Vitamin C or keep it all!  Either way this order is worth $208 and you’d get it for $51.99…. A 1/4th the cost!!!!  I mean why would you not!?  You can shop this online at

12 Days of Deals – Day 5, 6, and 7! Our Most Popular Items For FREE!


12 Days of Deals - Friday, Saturday and Sunday's Deal!

12 Days of Deals – Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s Deal!

TGIF!  I’m SO ready for the weekend!  I have so mucho going on, like a girls day trip to wine country, and I have to try to get some holiday shopping and prepping in among all the normal house things… like maybe finally taking down my Halloween decorations… oops.  With a busy weekend its kinda nice to know which 12 Days of Deals is going on so I can plan my shopping accordingly 😉



Day 5:  FREE Full Size Skin So Soft Bath Oil use promo code BATHOIL

Our Original SSS (Skin So Soft) bath oil is probably what Avon is known for.  This multi-tasking oil can be used simply as a bath oil or for something as unique as a flea and tick treatment for your dog!  I use SSS oil everyday, apply to wet skin pat dry.  It seriously is my miracle worker.  Just for fun you can see 90 uses for this original scent oil here!  If you want this for free today use promo code BATHOIL at 




Day 6:  FREE Limited Edition Pewter Ornament use promo code ORNAMENT

Each year Avon releases a limited edition pewter ornament that people go nuts over!  It usually sells out.  Collect each year as each ornament has the year on it, and decorate that tree.  If you want it for free get it Saturday with a $50 order at



Day 7:  FREE Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System use promo code CLINICAL

Eye Lift Pro is the best selling, highest reviewed, and critically acclaimed eye cream.  It comes with 2 pots, one a hydrating cream the other a lifting and tightening gel.  I also can vouch for it!  This duo really does work and is an EXCELLENT everyday eye cream day or night.  It’s worth $40 alone so lets be smart and get it for FREE with a $50 purchase at  I’m currently out so I’ll be ordering for myself on Sunday to get this baby!

If you’re shopping for yourself or for holiday gifts check out the gift guide to help build your $50 order.  If you would like me to curate an order for you, give some ideas, or tell you if something is worth it or not, hit me up.  I’m not only a great personal shopper, I also will expertly gift wrap, include a free holiday card and get your gifts delivered on time.  You can email me at aliciahess1 @ or DM on Facebook or Instagram or leave a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you.



12 Days of Deals – Day 4: FREE Magix Prime

12 Days of Deals - Day 4:  Free Magix Prime Face Perfector Primer

12 Days of Deals – Day 4: Free Magix Prime Face Perfector Primer

Ooh ooh Day 4 is magic… you knowwwwww. Every time I hear Magix Prime or Magix Tint I sing that song in my head. However when I hear Magix Stick I sing Lil’ Kim and 50… I got the magic stick… haha. Anyyyyywaysss…. Day 4 is a free full size Magix Prime face primer with spa 20. Basically a little bit of magic in a bottle.

12 Days of Deals – Day 4: Free Magix Prime face primer with a $50 order using promo code PRIME at

Word of Alicia:  Magix Prime has been one of our best sellers for years.  It recently was re-packaged in this killer black and white packaging but its the same product everyone has loved.  Since its relaunch I’ve been kinda obsessed.  Over the summer I went on a little primer binge at Sephora and Ulta.  I got all the top seller from Benefit, Ulta, Urban Decay, Too Faced and Smashbox.  How many primers does one girl need!?  But honestly they make a HUGE difference especially if you have textured skin like I do, along with large pores, hot Nor Cal heat and I’m a face toucher.  A primer is a must have!  Even with all those primers Magix Prime has been my go to.  If you like Smashbox Photofinish or Benefit Porefessional then you’ll like Magix Prime.  PLUS its a third of the cost and has SPF 20 soooo… Even better you can get it for free with today’s 12 Days of Deals offer.  If I were building a $50 order to get this free my Magix Inspired order would be this:

Besides Magix Prime, also in our Magix line is the Magix Tint and Magix Wand.  The tint is a tinted moisturizer with a blurring face perfecting affect, the wand in a creamy multi-tasker you can use from everything as a concealer to foundation.  They’re buy one get one half off so paired with the Magix Tint you’ll get for free you’ll be set for a flawless face all season long.  Plus it photographs really well for those holiday card photos.  I’ve also added the All Eyes On Me Gift Set which would make an excellent gift, but also pairs perfectly with the Magix Line for your everyday makeup.  Lastly, I’m adding this A Box to finish off your face, or again to gift.  If you have a small gift exchange A Boxes make the BEST gift for this.  They’re only $10 for a $42 value and they can be wrapped up like a Christmas Tree!  I really like this one particularly with the travel fragrance of Live Out Loud.  A good box for year round use.

Time To Shine This Holiday!

Time To Shine This Holiday!

REMEMBER I’m here to be your personal shopper.  These orders not quite what you want but you want that free primer, let me help curate one that is!  You want to gift this to someone, I can expertly gift wrap it, include a free holiday card and get it to your recipient in time to glisten under the tree.  Just hit me up!  aliciahess1 @ or DM on Instagram @wordofalicia or leave a comment on this post and I’ll reach out.

12 Days of Deals – Day 3: Free Shipping on $25

12 Days of Deals - Day 3:  Free Shipping on $25 at

12 Days of Deals – Day 3: Free Shipping on $25 at

Our 12 Days of Deals is back with our Day 3 offer – free shipping on a $25 order at with promo code HOLIDAY25

Avon Beauty Items Under $25!

Avon Beauty Items Under $25!

Word of Alicia:  Orders usually ship free at a $40 price point, so when the free ship at $25 comes around this is the best time to get makeup!  We’re so reasonably priced that you can get your basics for under $25 – like Love At First Lash Mascara ($12), Glimmersticks Eye/Lip/Brow Liners (3 for $10), foundation ($14-$25), my fave Nourishing Lipstick ($6.99)… however my order suggestion this time around to get the free ship at $25 is the Time To Shine Palette Collection.

Time To Shine Palette Collection

Time To Shine Palette Collection

At $25 this 3-piece gift set includes:

• Positive Vibes Only Eye Palette, 12 eye shades. .34 oz. total net wt.
• Reach for the Stars Eye Palette, 12 eye shades .34 oz. total net wt.
• The Future is Bright Face Palette, 2 blushes and 2 highlighters, .54 oz. total net wt.

Face Palette:  Blushes, Bronzer, Highlighter

Face Palette: Blushes, Bronzer, Highlighter

Live your best life—and treat every day like a holiday!  Scan our library of limited-edition makeup palettes (with mirrors!) that slip seamlessly into a star-studded book sleeve. This set was inspired by the power of individuality and self-confidence. Use each palette and remind yourself every day: you’re strong, you’re beautiful and you can make a difference.

Eye Palette #1:  Warm and Colorful

Eye Palette #1: Warm and Colorful

Eye Palette #2:  Cool and Neutral

Eye Palette #2: Cool and Neutral

This is SUCH a nice set for only $25.  As someone who shops a lot of brands, high to low, the quality on this one stands out just as nice as those high end brands.  As someone who shops holiday sets at places like Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s, etc… this holiday set gives you so much between the 24 eye shades and the 4 face shades.  PLUS the packaging is to die for!  It’s not *too* holiday making this a great set to use year round.

Time To Shine Palette Collection Only $25 * Cheers To You Shower Gels $7 ea.

Time To Shine Palette Collection Only $25 * Cheers To You Shower Gels $7 ea.

Last year we had a similar version (see here) that Oprah actually mentioned as one of her top gifts to give and get.  This year it’s just as good of a gift and even better packaging and color options!

This would make a great gift for any beauty lover, anyone who shops as said stores, and anyone who loves *living their best life*.  You can shop the Time to Shine Palette Collection online at be sure to use promo code HOLIDAY25 for free shipping.


12 Days of Deals

We’re actually on day 5 of 12 days of deals. You know I’m always late, so of course I’m late on sharing this.  So for the next 7 days, every day will have a new deal with a $45 order at  Which is a great time to pick up some stocking stuffers, gift add ons, and of course your holiday looks.  Use the free gift as a gift you don’t have to buy or keep it for yourself as something to get holiday ready with.  Today’s deal is 20% off, which a gift of money is always a good idea, but here are the rest of the deals for you to take advantage of:

Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


Day 8


Day 9


Day 10


Day 11


Day 12


Each offer is good for 24 hours so use the promo code in the picture on the day it’s offered at 

Happy Shopping!

Free Friday: Dazzling Blue

Dazzling Blue

Dazzling Blue

It’s the little things in life that make all the difference.  Sometimes it’s the little things that can turn a smile upside down.  For me these dazzling blue accessories have me smiling!  A whole new outfit isn’t always in the budget but a few new key accessories can totally fill that void.

Avon Dazzler Top Coat

Avon Dazzler Top Coat

This dazzling blue combo with the Avon Drawstring Hobo Bag, Midnight Ink Necklace and Dazzlers Top Coat in Disco Ball are just the punch November needs!  Pair them with your favorite jeans, comfy sweater and boots!  I have to admit, definitely convinced me on the need for a bucket bag… check out how she styles her’s with sweaters and boots expertly!

Avon Drawstring Bag and Midnight Ink Style Swap Necklace

Avon Drawstring Bag and Midnight Ink Style Swap Necklace

This bright blue bag also comes in a bright yellow!  The shape is as classic as they come but I was impressed on how soft it was and shape it had.  Plus the little zip pocket on the side is a game changer for your phone/keys!  Best of all it’s on sale!  So is the Avon Style Swap Necklace (last seen here) and Avon Dazzlers Top Coat (last seen here).  Not only are a ton of items currently on sale at my eBoutique the Holiday Shop just launched so PLENTY of new gift ideas expertly curated for the holidays!  In addition to a free ship code going on any order placed now through Tuesday (11/10/15) will earn you a FREE gift directly and exclusively through me as your avon rep!  Either contact me directly to order (comment, email or on FB) or order online at Just a little perk for supporting me and my word 🙂