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25 Uses for Avon True Color Dazzle Drops

25 Uses For Avon True Color Dazzle Drops

25 Uses For Avon True Color Dazzle Drops

Nothing gives you more bang for your buck than a good multi-tasking product.  One of my biggest multi-takers are my Avon True Color Dazzle Drops ($14).  This gem of a product is not one I’ve really “highlighted” before (see what I did there) but it’s currently FREE with your $50 purchase at so I thought I’d share why this guy is such a find with 25 uses for the Avon True Color Dazzle Drops.

Avon True Color Dazzle Drops Swatch (Full Sun)

Avon True Color Dazzle Drops Swatch (Full Sun)

Word on Avon True Color Dazzle Drops ($14):  Get your glow on…and take it to the max! Whether it’s a strong streak of sun-kissed shimmer or a deep bronze glow, your customized radiant look will dazzle as much as you dare. 5 fl. oz.  BENEFITS  • Provides a luminous, light-reflecting, pearl, dewy finish  • Adds a touch of silky moisture

Dazzle Drops Dropper

Dazzle Drops Dropper


25 Uses for Avon True Color Dazzle Drops


1. As a face highlighter: Use on cheekbones, under brow, tip of nose, cupids bow, all the places you’d highlight

2. Brighten Complexion: For a subtle glow, mix 1-2 drops with your face moisturizer

3. Glowing Base: For a luminous glow, mix 2-3 drops with your foundation

4. Accent Collarbone: Use on your collarbones, tips of shoulders, to accent your decolletage

5. Body Glow: Get an allover glow by mixing 3-4 drops with your body lotion

6. Longer Legs: Swipe Dazzle Drops down the front of your shins for the appearance of longer legs

7. Under Eye Brightener: Mix in with your under eye concealer to brighten up your under eye area

8. Look More Awake: Apply dazzle drops at the inner corner of your inner eye to appear bright eyed and bushy tailed

9. Fuller Lips: Using your finger tip, apply to your cupids bow and in the center of your bottom lip (with or without lip color)

10. DIY Shimmer Lipstick: Mix with your favorite lipstick to create a luminous finish

11. Golden Goddess: Mix Dazzle Drops with a liquid bronzer for that golden goddess look, apply where the sun would naturally hit or on the body

12. Easy Eye Shadow: Swipe Dazzle Drops all over the eye lid for a quick and easy glimmering eye look

13. Gleaming Primer: Using Dazzle Drops as your lid base, it creates a primer with gleam before applying eye shadows

14. Blushing Glow: Mix Dazzle Drops with your cream blush for a blushing glow, I like the Avon True Color Be Blushed Cheek Color

15. Define Brows: Use Dazzle Drops under your brow and right on top of the tail end of your brow to help define, preferably after using Avon Glimmersticks Brow Definer

16. Make Matte Look Less Flat: When wearing matte makeup, highlight with dazzle drops to add some light reflection for a more dimensional look

17. Make Your Highlight Pop: To achieve maximum highlight impact, layer your highlighters, use Dazzle Drops first then apply a powder highlight on top, like Avon True Color Moonlit Highlighting Powder

18. Beach Makeup: When you need a little beach glow, use Dazzle Drops on eye and cheeks along with waterproof mascara for easy beach makeup

19. DIY Shimmer Shadows: Combine dazzle drops with your favorite eye shadow to create a creamy shimmery eye look, apply with a dense brush like a concealer brush

20. Shimmery Eyeliner: Using and clean eyeliner brush, use Dazzle Drops as a glistening eyeliner, looks great with a smokey eye

21.  Aging Skin Looks Younger:  Because Dazzle Drops are a liquid you can use them on aging skin and instead of settling in line and wrinkles like a powder would, this actually illuminates and brings back that youthful glow

22.  Fake A Tan:  Build a body bronzer with some powdered bronzer, body lotion and Dazzle Drops

23.  Party Part:  For an easy party hairstyle, create a deep part and slick back into a sleek pony tail, apply Dazzle Drops down that part for a sparkling effect

24.  Coachella Brows:   Music festivals and party scenes sometime require an out-of-the-box makeup look, take a twist on glitter brows and run Dazzle Drops through your brows with a clean spoolie 

25.  Hair Shine That’s So EXTRA:  Add 1 drop of Dazzle Drops per 1 pump of the Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum, mix together and apply to dry hair to smooth and shine on a whole other level (another under-rated multi-tasking Avon product)

You can get the Avon True Color Dazzle Drops at my eBoutique for $14 or currently on sale as part of the buy one get one half off products, OR it’s automatically added to your cart FOR FREE with a $50 purchase at

Get The Look – Wine With Everything

You might remember I promised my makeup look from my wine look last week… (check it here)… well, as promised here’s the how to on a fall friendly makeup look with a wine lip!

Wearing the Wine With Everything Look

Wearing the Wine With Everything Look

For this look I followed the steps created by Jamie Greenberg mark. makeup artist and makeup artist to the stars (ahem did you see the look Jamie did for Kaley Cuoco at the Emmy’s!).  When mark. does a facechart like this it is super easy to recreate the looks.  You can see exactly which product to use and where.  To recreate this at home just download the facechart and if you need to, pick up the exact products used at my eBoutique.

Face Chart:  Wine With Everything

Face Chart: Wine With Everything

BONUS:  Check the video with Jamie Greenberg on how to achieve that perfect wine lip!

Obviously it looks better on the model, but this really is a great look for fall and an easy eye to wear with a bold lip.  PLUS ending today at all wine lip shades are HALF OFF!  PLUS FREE SHIPPING with promo code 2DAYSPREE that’s on any order size, so shop the list below to get this look!

Get The Look:  Wine With Everything

Get The Look: Wine With Everything

Shopping List:

Got The Goods ($18)

Bronze Pro ($13)

That’s Brilliant ($14)

i-mark in Plum Velvet ($7) and Tobac ($7)

Brow Factor Gel ($6.50)

Lash All You Want Mascara in Wine ($11)

Make It Rich Lip Crayon in Royal ($11)

Lipclick in Hot and Spicy ($11)

Full Service 5-Piece Pro Brush Kit ($28)

Shop the list at and get FREE SHIPPING with promo code 2DAYSPREE and get wine lip shades at 50% off!  Promos end at midnight so get on it!

My Wine With Everything Look

My Wine With Everything Look


Valentine’s Day Ideas – Makeup

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and yes its a hallmark holiday, and yes we WILL be theming ourselves out just for the fun of it.  So no matter if you’re just going to work, hanging out at home, or have a hot date there’s always a reason to put your best face forward!  Here’s some inspiration…

Get The Look - Bright Eyes

Get The Look – Bright Eyes

Model is wearing i-mark in shade whisper (on lids), bronze pro in shade pro golden (in the creases), keep it going compact entourage (black shade along the upper lash lines and the white shade along the lower lash lines and lash act in shade blackest black on eyes; just pinched in shade berry on cheeks; and gloss gorgeous in shade showy on lips.

Something like this is great for date night because its simple enough that you don’t look over done but makes your eyes just pop!  Plus using Gloss Gorgeous on your lips as it wears off from dinner it leaves a great stain!


Get The Look - Indigo Lined Eyes

Get The Look – Indigo Lined Eyes

EYES Sweep on the dot neutral shade 5 over lids and into the creases. Run no place to run in shade indigo girl inside the upper and lower lids, then across the lids from the inner corner of the eyes to slightly beyond the outer corners. Fill in the wing shapes created with pencil. Layer a black liquid liner on top, Get In Line in Painted Black.  Brush two coats of lash act in shade blackest black onto lashes.CHEEKS Dust just blushing in shade charmed onto the apples of the cheeks.

LIPS Apply lipclick in shade Pink Frosting.

This look is great if you’re wearing pink!  Again it focuses on the eyes but the pink lip is super flattering and festive!
Get The Look - Hot Sauce

Get The Look – Hot Sauce

A tried and true red lip is always a Valentine’s Day go to.  Get the look with Make it Rich Lip Crayon in Hot Sauce.  Pair it with bronze eye and lots and lots of mascara!

You can shop all the products used at my eBoutique: and through tomorrow get a FREE Valentine’s Day Set with $40 purchase using promo code MKHOOKUP  The set includes Glow Baby Glow Lipgloss in Smooches, Scandalash mascara hookup, a hookup connector and a petite slither bag… Which together actually is a great Valentine’s Day look on its own, ton’s of mascara and neutral lipgloss!  Plus use the bag as a clutch and you’re all set for date night, or whatever the night may bring!

FREE Valentine's Day Gift Bundle

FREE Valentine’s Day Gift Bundle

Get The Look – Violet Femme

With the Night Iris Capsule Collection launch this month I’ve been in a whirl of spring… and I had grand intentions of sweeping you up in the scent of the season and the capsule collection it inspired.  However real life got in the way… so I promised a week of night iris-tasctic tips and looks and fell short on it.  So here’s a super FABULOUS post of all things Violet Femme to inspire your spring and a MAJOR promo to make up for it.

First, lets start things off right with your makeup look.  Make a bold statement this month with pretty pinks, powerful purples and liberating lilacs.

Get The Look Violet Femme

Get The Look Violet Femme

  • FACE: Apply get a tint in a complementary shade all over the face.

This look is way more wearable than you think and VERY easy to achieve.  Watch the tutorial by mark. makeup artist  Mai to see how you can achieve the Violet Femme look.  To make it EVEN easier for you, download the face chart to print out so you can have it by your side to follow along while applying your look.  Download the VIOLET FEMME FACE CHART here.

Captivate in a soft wash of color or glow in full-on indigo girl gorgeousness.  Find your way to femme with limited-edition shades from the mark. Night Iris collection.  All these products can be bought online at my eBoutique <http://ahessinger.mymarkstore> or directly through me at:  aliciah.mentorassistant at

Now here’s for the promo… if you saw my previous post you saw that with any $40 purchase you’ll get 2 FREE Hand It Over Super Moisture Hand Cream in BOTH Lemon Sugar and Pear Blossom.  PLUS if you purchase any of the products from the Night Iris Capsule Collection (including all the products mentioned in this post) you’ll get a FREE mark. Maven Bag from me filled with deluxe samples and product!  (What’s a mark. Maven Bag? — think birch box meets glam bag meets mark!!!)

Be sure to use promo code SPRING 12 to get your FREE Hand It Over hand creams while shopping at or order directly from me at aliciah.mentorassistant at  — (might be an extra maven bag product if you order directly from me!  wink wink**)  Happy shopping!!!

mark. Night Iris Capsule Collection – Get The Look

mark. just doesn’t launch a fragrance… we celebrate it by giving its own capsule collection! It’s not about the scent itself its about an entire mood.  Get the Night Iris mood head to toe… a pedicured toe that is, in our new night iris nailed-it shades. Night Iris is about purples and pinks, a striking print and the splendor of spring!

Fearless Vivid Color

Night Iris Capsule Collection

This has to be my absolute favorite launch from mark.  A complete capsule collection based off their new fragrance Night Iris.  I’ve been wearing this scent NON-STOP since I got it and haven’t looked back.  Its perfect for spring, it’s got enough heart to it that it works on rainy days, enough fun to wear out on the town, and enough sweetness to wear basking in the warm spring sun.  I can’t express how much I LOVE this collection.  Everything about it, the colors, the scent, the fashion, the new beauty items.  It all wears so seamlessly together to put that spring in your step as you leap out of winter.  This has been the BEST selection of products from mark. that I’ve seen in my opinion.

Get The Look Night Iris

Get The Look Night Iris

All this week I’ll be highlighting my favorites from the collection.  There’ll be a how to get the look tutorial, reviews, ideas and of course a KILLER PROMO!  Make sure to check out my facebook page for all the offerings and even more love for the new Night Iris Capsule Collection:  All products are NOW AVAILABLE at my eBoutique shop it:

Get the total look:  mag3totallookPDF

Limited Edition Night Iris Capsule Collection

Limited Edition Night Iris Capsule Collection