Get The Look: Ashley Green’s Cover Look & mark. Early Fall Releases

Here’s what I don’t like about this time of year… back to school!  I’m years out of school and I still get a little depressed seeing all the commercials and ads.  Just bringing to my attention the end of lazy summer days, swimming, bare feet, heat and all things summer.  However, what I do like about this time of year is the excitement of a new season!  I do love fall (even if I love summer more) all the holidays, crisp air, leaves changing, football, fall activites, etc… And I like all the new fall releases even better!  My window shopping (or virtual window shopping) desires are so beyond met with all the fall releases and this year it seems like all my favorite styles are majorly on trend!

mark. is no exception with the public release of their early fall collection on the 10th, I’ve been obsessing over the new beauty and fashion.  That’s another good thing about the changing season, everyones ready for a new look… hair, makeup, fashion!  With mark.’s early fall collection they did a great job with items that you can wear now with your end of summer looks and easily transition into fall.  Since I literally love ALL of it I’m going to first highlight the pieces that were not obviously my style but allowed me to switch up my usual.  And I’m so obsessed I have to share!

Ashley Green's Cover Look

Ashley Green’s Cover Look

When I saw an early sneak peek at this cover my eyes were in awe!  The messy bun, the perfect face with a bold lip, the earthy accessories… not to mention the burgundy top and opaque pale nails!  (sidenote:  I’m SO calling burgundy/berry/oxblood/maroon as the IT color for fall).  Had to have it.  Got it.  Obsessing over it.  Now let’s analyze it, starting with my favorite piece of the whole look… the Green Piece Earrings and Ring Me Up Stretch Ring!

Green Piece Earrings and Perfect Stretch Ring

Green Piece Earrings and Ring Me Up Stretch Ring

I find myself reaching for both these daily!  They go with a lot surprisingly!  Especially since I wear a lot of black, these are enough of a statement to dress up even the most basic but not too flashy they’re not daytime appropriate.  Plus they’re expertly detailed, interesting and different… not going to find them at your run of the mill shopping center.  In this picture I’m also wearing the Triple Sparkle Necklace ($18) layered with the m.Powerment Power Of Change Necklace set ($28).  You can get these necklaces along with the Green Piece Earrings ($18) and Ring Me Up Stretch ring ($16) at my eBoutique:  http://ahessinger.mymarkstore.com.

The boho accessories with a LBD

The boho accessories with a LBD

Since these accessories are a little on the boho side I of course had to work them into my style.  I’ve been wearing the earrings and ring with perfect companions of the In The Mix Bracelets ($22) and Borrowed From The Boys Watch (Orig $40 now $24.99).  I’ve worn this watch to death this summer and I’m happy to say its now on clearance for your shopping pleasure at http://ahessinger.mymarkstore.com. Then of course I had to get new shoes to go with my new found loves.  Shoedazzle came through ONCE AGAIN!  Seriously, if you aren’t a member of Shoedazzle then you’re missing out… everything is $39.95!  Do yourself a favor a sign up and do me a favor by doing it through my referral link:  http://www.shoedazzle.com/invite/13vwrv69ld

Here’s a closer look at the In The Mix Bracelets (click here)… which I’ve also been wearing non stop with their mixed metal trend and stretch weave styling!

Now back to the cover look, her makeup!  Also released with the early fall collection was new beauty including new formula and shades of our ever so popular i-marks ($7) and introducing a new lip crayon, Make It Rich ($11).  The formula on both of these is nothing short of amazing.  The i-marks go on SO smoothly and are really pigmented, plus you can apply dry or wet for even more intense color.  The Make It Rich Lip Crayons are the perfect mix of a lip stick, balm and gloss.  They go on perfectly and smooth and have some serious lasting power.  Available in 6 very wearable shades… that cover look… that’s Make It Rich in Royal.  Gorgeous right!?!  Lucky for us all mark.girl tv posted a tutorial on how to achieve this look with mark. makeup artist Mai Quynh.   You can shop all the products used to create this look at my e.boutique as well!  http://ahessinger.mymarkstore.com


This is just the start of my mark. fall release reviews and postings.  This post was long enough as it is!  So in the mean time you can check out all the new arrivals at my eBoutique:  http://ahessinger.mymarkstore.com



Get The Look – Violet Femme

With the Night Iris Capsule Collection launch this month I’ve been in a whirl of spring… and I had grand intentions of sweeping you up in the scent of the season and the capsule collection it inspired.  However real life got in the way… so I promised a week of night iris-tasctic tips and looks and fell short on it.  So here’s a super FABULOUS post of all things Violet Femme to inspire your spring and a MAJOR promo to make up for it.

First, lets start things off right with your makeup look.  Make a bold statement this month with pretty pinks, powerful purples and liberating lilacs.

Get The Look Violet Femme

Get The Look Violet Femme

  • FACE: Apply get a tint in a complementary shade all over the face.

This look is way more wearable than you think and VERY easy to achieve.  Watch the tutorial by mark. makeup artist  Mai to see how you can achieve the Violet Femme look.  To make it EVEN easier for you, download the face chart to print out so you can have it by your side to follow along while applying your look.  Download the VIOLET FEMME FACE CHART here.

Captivate in a soft wash of color or glow in full-on indigo girl gorgeousness.  Find your way to femme with limited-edition shades from the mark. Night Iris collection.  All these products can be bought online at my eBoutique <http://ahessinger.mymarkstore> or directly through me at:  aliciah.mentorassistant at gmail.com

Now here’s for the promo… if you saw my previous post you saw that with any $40 purchase you’ll get 2 FREE Hand It Over Super Moisture Hand Cream in BOTH Lemon Sugar and Pear Blossom.  PLUS if you purchase any of the products from the Night Iris Capsule Collection (including all the products mentioned in this post) you’ll get a FREE mark. Maven Bag from me filled with deluxe samples and product!  (What’s a mark. Maven Bag? — think birch box meets glam bag meets mark!!!)

Be sure to use promo code SPRING 12 to get your FREE Hand It Over hand creams while shopping at http://ahessinger.mymarkstore.com or order directly from me at aliciah.mentorassistant at gmail.com  — (might be an extra maven bag product if you order directly from me!  wink wink**)  Happy shopping!!!

mark. Night Iris Capsule Collection – Get The Look

mark. just doesn’t launch a fragrance… we celebrate it by giving its own capsule collection! It’s not about the scent itself its about an entire mood.  Get the Night Iris mood head to toe… a pedicured toe that is, in our new night iris nailed-it shades. Night Iris is about purples and pinks, a striking print and the splendor of spring!

Fearless Vivid Color

Night Iris Capsule Collection

This has to be my absolute favorite launch from mark.  A complete capsule collection based off their new fragrance Night Iris.  I’ve been wearing this scent NON-STOP since I got it and haven’t looked back.  Its perfect for spring, it’s got enough heart to it that it works on rainy days, enough fun to wear out on the town, and enough sweetness to wear basking in the warm spring sun.  I can’t express how much I LOVE this collection.  Everything about it, the colors, the scent, the fashion, the new beauty items.  It all wears so seamlessly together to put that spring in your step as you leap out of winter.  This has been the BEST selection of products from mark. that I’ve seen in my opinion.

Get The Look Night Iris

Get The Look Night Iris

All this week I’ll be highlighting my favorites from the collection.  There’ll be a how to get the look tutorial, reviews, ideas and of course a KILLER PROMO!  Make sure to check out my facebook page for all the offerings and even more love for the new Night Iris Capsule Collection:  https://www.facebook.com/mark.alicia  All products are NOW AVAILABLE at my eBoutique shop it:  http://ahessinger.mymarkstore.com

Get the total look:  mag3totallookPDF

Limited Edition Night Iris Capsule Collection

Limited Edition Night Iris Capsule Collection