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  1. love the turqouise and caicos color. will have to pick that up!


  3. ach167 says:

    Turquoise and Caicos is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SHADES! Its one of those shades that is just so perfect that I could wear it all the time! Actually that whole resort collection from Essie 2010 is my ABSOLUTE favorite collection. And really who doesn’t love Zooey!

  4. I did this today and am Loving it- i also picked up san tropez and the turquoise and caicos looks great with it too! Loving it! thanks for posting =)

  5. ach167 says:

    sand tropez has been on my list to pick up, i just haven’t. partially because the name just makes me think instant vacation!

    also a sidenote, I know I spelled Zooey Daschanel’s name wrong and I keep going in to edit and fix it but for some reason it won’t save. So sorry Zooey. 🙂

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