Bon Fat Tuesday!


Bon Fat Tuesday!  You may not be heading out to Bourbon Street but there are a few things you can do to theme out your day.  And you know I love any reason to theme out my day and celebrate!  So here’s what I’m doing for Mardi Gras!

1.  Wear purple, yellow/gold and green!

Wearing Mardi Gras Colors by mark.
Mardi Gras Look with mark. 

To create this festive look I first used the mark. On The Dot Bold eye pallet ($16).  First I used shade 3 (yellow) all over the lid.  I then used shade 9 (purple) on the outer edge in a V shape and into the crease.  I patted on mark. i-mark in Empress ($7) in the center of my lid.  I lined under my eye first in that same yellow shade from the On The Dot Bold Eye Pallet then followed over it in the Empress shade for the outer half.  Finished off the look with mark. Get In Line Liquid Liner in Painted Black ($6.50) and 2 coats of mark. Scandalash Mascara in black.  Get the products used at


Mardi Gras Look with mark.
Mardi Gras Look with mark.

2.  Make a festive dinner, something cajun and southern like a jambalaya or a dirty rice!

from Spicy Sweet and Neal
from Spicy Sweet and Neat

Here’s a great recipe for Louisiana-Style Smoked Sausage and Rice from my friend Sarah over at Spicy Sweet and Neat!  Making this tonight for sure!

3.  Watch a Juvenile video, like Nolia Clap or Back That * Up

Totally bead worthy.

4.  Enjoy some King Cake or Crepes.

Recipe and source
Recipe and source

I will always have a special place in my heart for crepes.  We would make them in french class where I was first introduced to these magical things!  I prefer them dessert style!

mmmm crepes, mmmm
mmmm crepes, mmmm

5.  Nightcap at a local watering hole with some Bourbon.

Bourbon Street!   Shout out to Mark!
Bourbon Street! Shout out to Mark!

…or maybe a non-alcoholic drink… out on a Tuesday night, you rebel you!  They give everyone beads anyway.  Shout out to Mark since this is from his time down in the dirty south!

Bon Fat Tuesday!

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