Fall Lipstick Trends You Can Actually Pull Off

Fall Lip Trends for 2014
Fall Lip Trends for 2014

During my typical procrastination-socia- media-reading I came across this picture.  Which got me thinking, come fall, lipstick and I are “involved”.  Sometimes lipstick just feels like “too much” in the summer but come fall it feels just right especially with new formulas that are not only moisturizing, but long lasting and have a great color payoff!  Not only have I been wearing more lipstick lately but I’ve also been noticing some really big trends focused around lipstick!  Here are a few that you can actually pull off in real life, you know like work, grocery store, watching football at a friends house, the usual activities not the I’m going to a runway show activities.


Fall Lip Trend #1:  Matte

Wearing Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Matte Ruby
Wearing Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Matte Ruby ($8 on sale for $5.99!)


The staying power of a matte lip is undeniable and the key is a velvet texture not drying.  I definitely found myself with way too many matte lip products that just make me look like I have chapped lips.  I tried the Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Matte Shades and I was throughly impressed.  Here’s a trick to applying a matte lip:  Start with a lip balm! Put it on same time you moisturize, then do the rest of your makeup.  Before applying your lip shade pat it on a tissue (or your hand like I usually do because I’m lazy) to get off any excess.  Line your lips then apply your shade, blot again.  If things start to feel drying as the day goes on apply a little more balm and blot, (and more color if necessary).


Fall Lip Trend #2:  90’s Mauve

Wearing mark. All Butter Now in Bare All
Wearing mark. All Butter Now in Bare All ($11)

We’ve all kinda secretly really loved how Kylie Jenner just has nailed this trend.  It’s been on a ton of top looks, blogs, recreates, etc… but even if you don’t have a Kylie Jenner life you can recreate her look because it will probably look just as awesome in your life.  It’s a super easy color to wear that people will be looking at you thinking wow she’s so effortless!  To get that 90’s mauve go more brownish-nude and don’t go glossy, here are some suggestions:  Mac Faux, Mac Braze, NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia, or Revlon 130 Rose Velvet.  This is one of those times a good lip liner to line your lips followed by coloring them in before applying the lipstick is a good plan of action.  Some liner suggestions, Mac Whirl, NYX Nude, or Avon Ultra Luxury Liner in Neutral.


Fall Lip Trend #3:  Bold

Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick in Power Plum
Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick in Power Plum ($8)

Go bold or go home!  Bold doesn’t have to mean shocking pink or bright red.  Go with a berry or a purple which is a little more easy to wear and go with a formula that’s super pigmented!  I’ve been wearing non-stop the Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Power Plum.  It’s actually not that dark, just a nice berry bright plum.  Plums also look really great on brunettes and since we all get a little darker in the fall…


Which lipstick trend are you going to try this fall?


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