3 Step Spring Cleaning: Makeup Organizing and Storage For Only $7!

Makeup Spring Cleaning with Avon Beauty Caddy

Makeup Spring Cleaning with Avon Beauty Caddy

The spring cleaning bug has bit. For months now I’ve been meaning to tackle my under the sink disaster that is all my makeup/beauty. A few weeks ago I ordered this Avon Beauty Caddy but last night while bing watching Netflix I decided let’s put this baby to use!

Avon Beauty Caddy $9.99 now $6.99!

Avon Beauty Caddy $9.99 now $6.99!

I’ve been holding off because I wanted to snap a few pics of the caddy all prettied up with the newest products as shown in the stock photo for you guys, but last night I said screw it and pulled out all my stuff to clean out and organize.  One of my biggest life motto’s is waste not want not, which is also that of a hoarder, yes I have hoarding tendencies, I can’t help it!  To not hoard it all I had to follow a few steps to get my stuff under control.

Side Elastic For Extra Storage

Side Elastic For Extra Storage

Front Slip Pockets For Small Items

Front Slip Pockets For Small Items


1. Pitch It – Throw out any nearly empties.  Why am I holding on to a trial size eye primer that I can barely squeeze out.  Throw out any old mascara’s.  I have new mascara’s that I LOVE way more no need to hold on to those old ones that are WELL past the 3 month mark (recommended renew date for mascara).  Throw out anything where the formula hast changed or smells funny.

2.  Pass It On – After I went through everything that needed to go I still had a BUNCH of stuff from gifts with purchases, beauty subscriptions, things I just bought or while traveling when I forgot my usual, or things that just weren’t my color/flattering.  I held on to all these because well they’re like brand new or barely used, and that waste not want not mentality sets in.  So to ease the guilt I sprayed them all down with alcohol and put them in a bag to share with my friends too see if any of them want them before I either donate or pitch.

3.  Pack It Up – So after I narrowed down everything I still have a ton of stuff.  Whatever, I like beauty products!  I sorted them into eyes, lips, face and almost a sub-category of all things pencils/tubes and then tools.  Now on to the storage… the Avon Beauty Caddy actually fits so much, like SO MUCH.  It also has adjustable dividers so I was able to organize all my pallets in one section.  Face products and lipsticks in another, all the pencils/tube like things standing up in the back, and some body products in another.  Along the sides it has 3 pockets perfect for sample sizes, squeeze tubes, etc.  Also on both ends there’s elastic bands where I put my foundations, kabuki brush and eye curler.  I keep most my brushes in a cup on the counter but otherwise I would of put them in here too!  I was shocked how much I fit in here and how easily accessible everything is!

Under TAdjustable Compartmentshe Sink Makeup Storage

Adjustable Compartments

Under The Sink Makeup Storage

Under The Sink Makeup Storage


When I finished last night I was almost giddy with excitement over my new organization!  I am no longer embarrassed the the status under my sink, go ahead open it up see how pretty and accessible all my crap is!  I was just as giddy this morning when I got up to use it… and see that this exact caddy is on flash sale for 30% off making it only $7!  I mean I’ve been searching makeup storage solutions/diy’s for months and months and didn’t really find anything worth it and affordable.  PROBLEM SOLVED!  I’m ordering 2 more, one for my hair products/accessories and one for skincare/bath and body care.  I was so excited I snapped these crappy super organic pictures this morning just so you can scale how realistic a solution these steps and organizer are.

You can shop the Avon Beauty Caddy ON SALE through 12pm EST tonight at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger  Makeup Spring Cleaning with Avon Beauty Caddy  In addition you can use a free ship code on $20 (see yesterday’s post) OR shop more from the flash sale and get an additional 20% off a $60 order with promo code AVONFB60.  A few of my all time favs are included in the flash sale like mark. Touch and Glow (seen here), mark. Outside Chance Cape (seen here), mark. Ruffle Your Feathers Earrings (seen here) and mark. Dream Sequins Shimmering Eye Shadow Pallet (seen here)… all 30% off!  Shop Now!



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