Smart, Sweet and Beautiful Alicia

Hopelessly Heather showcasing how inarticulate I am. (and just to prove the point I thought the word was unarticulate and had too google the spell check autocorrect to make sure it was actually right) Check her post!

Hopelessly Heather

fullsizeoutput_3fd3 Photo by Word of Alicia

A couple of weeks ago I talked Alicia into answering a bunch of my questions for an interview/guest post – as per usual, she didn’t disappoint!

First, a little bit about Alicia:

She is a fellow Avon rep, a powerhouse social media marketer and the blogger behind Word of Alicia,  Her stunning fashion photos and product displays are always inspiring.  She always has kind words to offer and isn’t shy to offer fashion advice when asked (she’s the one who gave me the styling idea for the photo that won me the entire Fall for Paris jewelry collection).  Smart, sweet and beautiful, this girl has it all!

And now…

::pulling back the curtains::

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