Beauty For A Purpose

What's Your Why?
What’s Your Why?

If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m totally an Avon lady, or a better yet, a mark. girl!  For a few years now I’ve been a representative and maybe lately you’ve seen my Redbook feature, Popsugar feature or even in your recent Avon brochure.  Being an Avon rep is more than just hustling some makeup, but truly is beauty for a purpose.


I never really talk about the Avon opportunity but it significantly gave my life purpose.  I think it can be summed up into three major purposes; 1.  Save Money, 2.  Make Money, and 3.  Empower.

Save Money:  As a representative you get a discount, as with most retail like places.  However, with Avon’s extensive product line, you can save on every day items like shampoo, conditioner, mascara, skincare to even your home goods, fashion and shoes, and so much more by purchasing them at a discount.  Your household budget just got a little bit healthier.  And these are GOOD products, something you’re NOT waisting your money on and actually get results, beautiful design and great quality.

Make Money:  Just like any direct sales company you’re going to make a commission off your sales.  This allows you to earn an unlimited amount even if it is just a little bit to help with groceries, a lot to help with your retail therapy, or making millions for your millionaire kind of life!  It’s easier than you think, plus Avon gives you the tools to succeed so you really can actually make something of that $25 investment.  (yes, it only costs $25 to sign up and you get a bundle worth $80 so you already just more than doubled your investment… see making money haha)

Empowerment:  One of Avon’s biggest catch phrases is “empowering women.” and I’ve always kinda just waved that off.  However, empowerment is so much more that “I am women, hear me roar” kind of attitude.  It’s allowing you to have a personal piece of the pie, on your own terms in your own way.  You can do this Avon gig however you choose, completely online, door to door, just for yourself or any which way.  You can create a back up plan for your life and/or treat it just as a hobby.  Regardless, you’re going to fall in love with the quality products, the easy to use process and the Avon community.  The community alone is not only so welcoming and empowering, but actually really fun.  As lame as it sounds, with Avon, the world is your oyster!  Truly it’s beauty for a purpose.  You don’t have to be a pushy sales person to make it worth it for you, take it from the girl who was voted shyest in her 8th grade superlative.  There so much more to being a representative.

What’s Your Why?  We all have a why, a reason to do things, a reason to want more, a reason to lead a fulfilling life.  What’s your why?  Whatever it is, if you’re intrigued at all by how the Avon opportunity can help with that why, hit me up!  (comment, direct message, Facebook, twitter, instagram, email, however you want)  Or you just click through here and fill out the contact form and I’ll connect with you.  I can not imagine a life without Avon in my life, and that says a lot about the power of beauty.