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Week O’Nautical: Sail

Week O'Nautical - Sail

Week O’Nautical – Sail

Week O’Nautical sails on, like literally with sail boats.  I’m counting down to the long Labor Day weekend with a little nautical take on patriotic red white and blue.  What is more nautical than sail boats!?  I picked this Avon Lucy Dress on clearance and it couldn’t be more perfect!

Avon Lucy Dress for Nautical Look

Avon Lucy Dress for Nautical Look

For this nautical look it pulls a little retro so that def calls for some peep toe pumps (Guess) and some nautical jewelry (Avon).  I even tied the matching print scarf (Avon) to my navy and white tote (Coach).

Peep Toe Pumps and Sail Boats

Peep Toe Pumps and Sail Boats

Nautical Look for Labor Day Weekend

Nautical Look for Labor Day Weekend

Sail Boat Print

Sail Boat Print

Red White and Blue

Red White and Blue

Not only is this Lucy Dress on clearance (in limited sizes) so are my go-to summer earrings the Avon Seaside Stripes Triple Ball Earrings!  Good thing with Labor Day is all the good summer goodies are on clearance and here in Nor Cal its still hot through October.  And at $7.99 I really suggest these super on trend earrings.  You can shop the Labor Day Sale at my eboutique now.

Seaside Stripe Triple Ball Earring part of the Labor Day Sale

Seaside Stripe Triple Ball Earring part of the Labor Day Sale

Week O’Nautical – Easy Stripes

Week O'Nautical - Easy Stripes

Week O’Nautical – Easy Stripes

TGIF! Hello long weekend! This week has been rough, between being sick, making up time at work and sleepless nights with the new kitten, I’m ready for a long weekend. And easy to wear pieces because I just don’t have the energy.  Easy striped T-shirt dress with some interesting details, for the win!

Avon Jill Dress

Avon Jill Dress

I’m wearing the Avon Jill Dress (from the Seaside Garden Collection) with navy bow flip flops (Kate Spade) and silver jewelry.  (bangles, Mexico street vendor; watch, Avon).

Avon Jill Dress Details

Avon Jill Dress Details

This dress worked really well for me this week because it was super mega comfortable, I could throw it on and go.  The detailed neckline gave it a little added luxe so even when I’m not feeling luxe in any way shape or form, I still look put together.

Simple Silver Accessories and Flip Flops!

Simple Silver Accessories and Flip Flops!

Isn’t this dress just perfect for Week O’Nautical!?!  Cheers to the long weekend… and summer!


Week O’Nautical – Beach Please

Week O'Nautical - Beach Please

Week O’Nautical – Beach Please

It’s that time again… Week O’Nautical time! The week before our summer holidays, (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day) I theme out my life with nautical influenced red, white, and blue! Unfortunately, this year, I’ve come down with a bad cold so WON gets a late start.  Memorial Weekend is all about fun and sun as it begins the unofficial kickoff to summer.  Lucky for me, my mom was still here visiting so we spent her last day poolside… well hot tub-side because the pool was too cold, but regardless we took advantage and had some fun in the sun.

Casual Nautical Lounge Look

Casual Nautical Lounge Look

Today’s look may of been meant for louging poolisde, but it would be just as great beachside or at a casual picnic or bbq.  These nautical mark. Beach Bum pants with sailboat print, were the perfect cover up that looked just as good as an outfit as they did over my suit.  And they have pockets!  I paired the mark. Beach Bum pants with a white sweater tank from Express.  A white summer sweater always feels so nautical to me.

mark. Beach Bum Pants

mark. Beach Bum Pants

Nautical Sailboats Print

Nautical Sailboats Print and Avon Floral Jelly Sandals

They even have pockets!

They even have pockets!

Beach Please!  A fun in the sun look isn’t complete without a fun sun hat!  This Avon Beach Please Sun Hat was the perfect topper along with my, Avon Floral Jelly Flip Flops in orange and naucial watch and earrings (Avon Seaside Gardens Capsule Collection).

Beach Please!

Avon Beach Please Sun Hat

Avon Seaside Gardens Earrings and Watch

Avon Seaside Gardens Earrings and Watch

To be a little more extra I also used the new Avon True Color Sandy Beach Bronzing Pallet (launching May 30th), which was AMAZING!  All I needed was this pallet and some mascara for a perfect beach makeup look.

Week O'Nautical Beach Bum

Week O’Nautical Beach Bum

Week O’Nautical might of started late, but it’s a good one!  You can shop this look at  Let’s hope I can beat this cold before fun and sun this weekend!

Spending the weekend with this new arrival!

Spending the weekend with this new arrival!

Sweet Cherry Pie

Sweet Cherry Pie

Do you not immediately think of Warrant’s Sweet Cherry Pie when you see this cardi… because I do! I should of put this look as a Week O’Nautical outfit (see here) but I didn’t get around to it, but I’m still loving this Americana look from the Seaside Gardens Collection! (see here)

Americana outfit with Seaside Gardens

Spring rain hit us hard and I was ready for it! A cute cardigan is definitley the solution to spring weather. This Avon Felicity Cardigan in Cherry print brightens up a rainy day. (sidenote: it also comes in navy, white and red).  A spring layer is almost as necessary as keeping that umbrella around!

Felicity Cardigan in Cherry Print

Rain Check!

For my Americana look I paired the Cherry cardigan with the Gingham Melanie Pencil Skirt (last seen here).  Of course I had to wear some rainboots (Hunter) and my big umbrella (Kate Spade) to handle this on again off again rain showers!

Melanine Skirt in Gingham

Spring Weather Must-Haves

You can shop my entire look over on my eBoutique!  Maybe make this bright and cheery cardi as part of your 4 pieces to upgrade your spring wardrobe, and don’t get caught in the rain!

Getting caught in the rain out takes!

Week O’Nautical: What’s In My Bag

Week O'Nautical:  What's In My Bag

Week O’Nautical: What’s In My Bag

It’s officially spring and that means its time for spring cleaning! The easiest place to start is with something fun like your purse.  In the world of alicia this is also known as the bag o’ wonder. Why, you ask?  Because you never know what I’m going to pull out of it because it gathers SO. MUCH. CRAP. So lets clean out the old and in with the new and see what’s in the bag o’ wonder!

Avon Veronica Tote in Striped

I always switch to a spring bag right at the begining of the season, so even if I’m still wearing cold weather clothes at least I have a fun spring bag to perk up my day. I’m tough on bags, use them day to night, work to weekend, toss them around… I like an affordable option that I don’t mind destroying by the end of the season. This spring’s pick is the Avon Veronical Tote in striped.

Inside View! Complete with organization.

I like big tote style bags because they’re the most functional for me. I throw my lunch, papers, mail, an occassional change of shoes, you name it, I throw it in there.  This Veroncia Tote has a middle divider to help keep thing organized.  I usually like the open style, but I needed some more organization.

What made it into the new bag?  This stuff… and I’m sure more stuff will gather.  I love peeping at what’s in folks’ bags, and medicine cabinets!  Its like a window into the soul. And a testiment to what they actually use on the daily.

What’s In My Bag

Now that you’ve peeked into my bag, have you switched over to a spring bag yet?  You can shop my new spring bag, bag charm, scarf, fav lip products and makeup bags over at


Week O’Nautical: Nautical Gingham

Week O’Nautical: Nautical Gingham

Week O’Nautical Special Edition sails on with a look from the Avon Seaside Gardens collection (see here).  I just LOVED the cover look on the Avon brochure, so when deciding on what items to purchase I knew I was going to get that pencil skirt.  I opted to go with it in the gingham print, which is a huge trend this year (see it last here!).  Because I loved that cover look so much I decided to reacreate it my way.

My take on the Avon Cover Look

In my last post I said all you need is 4 items to update your spring with a nautical take, well I’m wearing all 4 of my items at once to recreate that cover look!

Melanie Pencil Skirt in Gingham

I already had a chambray button up so I didn’t need the ruffled Mia Shirt, but its certainly cute and pairs perfectly with the Melanie Pencil Skirt.  This skirt is forgiving!  It has stretch to it, hits at a flattering length, and is a nice thick material but not lined so perfect for spring/summer.

Chambray and Gingham

A pencil skirt and button up is an easy recipie to recreate, but its the accessories that make it fun!  These ankle wrap block heel sandals are super on trend, but the embelished detials and fun print make them mega unique and only $39.99!  The Cushion Walk Sandal with Embelishements come in 3 colors, including gingham so if you want just a pop of gingham this spring, the sandal is an EXCELLENT way to do it.

Gingham for Spring

From my last post you know I got this Veronica tote and Bag Charm Scarf and you can see why.  Its the perfect nautical bag to go with gingham!  Its the perfect spring bag, both functional and killer spring style.  Finishes off the look along with my mark. Beach Babe earrings and Avon Modern Elegance Pearl bangle set.

Veronica Tote and Scarf Bag Charm

Nautical accessories from Avon

mark. Beach Babe Earrings

This look definitley gives off that charming coastal town look, but also a cute spring wear to work outfit.  This gingham skirt would look just as cute with a white T-shirt and leather thongs come summer.  I think this Week O’Nautical special edition is an excellent idea with all these Seaside Gardens items 😉  Are you loving the gingham print this spring?

Seaside Gardens Look

Week O’Nautical: How To Easily Update For Spring

Week O’Nautical: Update Without Breaking Your Budget

The Nautical trend is always a good way to update your wardrobe for spring.  In most places it’s still pretty cold out, but we’re over our black on black on black and heavy winter wear.  You can work in a few nautical pieces that will go with your winter basics and your summer basics making a very versatile spring wardrobe update.  Avon just released their Seaside Gardens (see more), a nautical fashion and home capsule collection, and its extremely affordable!  Let’s look how you can update your spring looks without breaking the break.


The Power Of 4.

Add 4 pieces, yep just 4 pieces.  Sticking to only 4 pieces keeps you in budget and will be just enough to switch up your basics and breathe new life. The Avon Seaside Gardens collection is pretty affordable, so 4 pieces would keep you close to that $100 range.  I would suggest a top, bottom, accessory and dress, but you need to gage your current wardrobe and lifestyle.  Looking at what I was loving, needed and knew would flatter my shape, I went with a skirt, sandal, handbag and scarf.  I can mix and match to update my spring wardrobe with these 4 items totaling $110.96!

Melanie Pencil Skirt in Gingham

I wear a lot of skirts and dress for work, and with the hot temps in Nor Cal a skirt works well for my lifestyle.  If your lifestyle wears more casual and you’re just going to wear your favorite jeans try a classic nautical striped top like the Michelle Boat Neck top ($19.99).

Ankle strap, block heels and pretty embellishment, all a spring shoe needs!

I’ve always been a shoe person.  A new spring shoe can even make an all black outfit feel like spring.  The shoe selection in the Seaside Gardens collection is strong!  I went with the Avon Cushion Walk Sandal With Stone Clusters, a low block heel sandal which will be functional, on trend and a pop of color.

Give me all the nautical shoes!

Switching to a new spring bag is the easiest way to spring up your wardrobe without giving up any of your winter wear.  I went with this Veronica Tote Bag in the Blue and White strip (it also comes in red!).


Avon Veronica Tote with Scarf



Pick 1 thing different than anything you have.

For me it was this square scarf.  I have plenty of big, wrap all over you scarfs, but I don’t have a cute little silky square scarf in a nautical print!  Don’t diminish the power of an accessory, I can wear this as a cute neck scarf, a style I’ve never done and would bring something completely new to my look.  Plus, it would be some warmth around the neck in the chilly weather.  I can also wear it tied on a bag, as a head scarf, or ever worn a few different ways as a neck scarf.

Avon Silky Scarf

I literally could go through the entire collection and come up with a million combinations of 4 items to mix and match into your regular wardrobe.  If you would like me to select a personalized pick for you, leave a comment!

Nautical Square Scarf


Spring Perks

As an Avon representative, not only do I get to order things early, I also get some perks.  For instance, with the Seaside Gardens collection, with every 4 items I ordered I received a FREE pair of earrings.  These Avon Pop of Red Statement Earrings ($9.99) to be exact.  A piece of statement jewelry is definitely a good idea for a 5th piece to add to my original 4.  Even if I wear these with my black on black on black I’m adding a pop of something fresh.  Or I can pair this with the block heel sandals and I’ll bump up my look for spring.  *if you want early access, discounts and all the perks of being an Avon rep too you can sign up here for ONLY $25!

Statement Earrings For All The Nautical Looks

I couldn’t be more pleased with the 4 items I picked.  You can shop the entire collection at or see more here!  When building your order be sure to add on the Fresh Picks For Spring A Box for only $10 with a $40 purchase.  It not only is a great deal but will be the perfect makeup items to pair with your nautical outfits.  See my look with it here!

Week O’Nautical Special Edition: Seaside Gardens

It may only be March but I’m already thinking about Memorial Day and my “Week O’Nautical!” Partially because I want warm summer days, but also because of the new capsule release from Avon titled “Seaside Gardens.” Seaside Gardens is a fashion and home release influenced by all things nautical, which means this calls for a Week O’Nautical Special Edition!

Introducing Seaside Gardens Capsule Collection

The Seaside Gardens capsule collection is a limited release for spring.  This means all the items are meant to mix and match with each other (and well with what you have).  It also means that once the stock is gone, its gone.  Judging how the last capsule collection went (Savana Blooms/Modern Southern Belle) popular items will sell out.  I usually don’t like just sharing up the stock photographs but I wanted to share this entire fashion collection.

There are a lot of items I’m just loving!  My top picks include this Veronica Tote Bag and the adorable Ivy Jumpsuit.  There are so many jewelry options that will work from now through Labor Day, especially my pick, the Seaside Stripes Statement Necklace.  And can we take a moment to admire all the shoes… allllll of them!  I literally could work every single item into my wardrobe but my budget doesn’t agree.

In addition to the fashion there is a entire Avon Living line to match! (home goods)  I will be sharing here on Word of Alicia more from the Avon Living line, a Week O’Nautical outfit,  how to update your wardrobe without breaking your budget and how to take the nautical theme to your beauty routine.

Seaside Garden’s launches Wednesday March 14th and will be available through camping 11 (about 6 weeks) at  If you would like to know how to gain early access to these types of collections and score them at 40% off leave a comment saying you want the word!