Week O’Nautical: What’s In My Bag

Week O'Nautical:  What's In My Bag
Week O’Nautical: What’s In My Bag

It’s officially spring and that means its time for spring cleaning! The easiest place to start is with something fun like your purse.  In the world of alicia this is also known as the bag o’ wonder. Why, you ask?  Because you never know what I’m going to pull out of it because it gathers SO. MUCH. CRAP. So lets clean out the old and in with the new and see what’s in the bag o’ wonder!

Avon Veronica Tote in Striped

I always switch to a spring bag right at the begining of the season, so even if I’m still wearing cold weather clothes at least I have a fun spring bag to perk up my day. I’m tough on bags, use them day to night, work to weekend, toss them around… I like an affordable option that I don’t mind destroying by the end of the season. This spring’s pick is the Avon Veronical Tote in striped.

Inside View! Complete with organization.

I like big tote style bags because they’re the most functional for me. I throw my lunch, papers, mail, an occassional change of shoes, you name it, I throw it in there.  This Veroncia Tote has a middle divider to help keep thing organized.  I usually like the open style, but I needed some more organization.

What made it into the new bag?  This stuff… and I’m sure more stuff will gather.  I love peeping at what’s in folks’ bags, and medicine cabinets!  Its like a window into the soul. And a testiment to what they actually use on the daily.

What’s In My Bag

Now that you’ve peeked into my bag, have you switched over to a spring bag yet?  You can shop my new spring bag, bag charm, scarf, fav lip products and makeup bags over at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger


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