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Makeup Looks To Master – Seasonal Switch

Makeup Look To Master:  Seasonal Switch

Makeup Look To Master: Seasonal Switch

Makeup Monday is our last installment in our Makeup Looks To Master series with a look at switching up your makeup for the season.  Just like our wardrobe our makeup wardrobe needs to be updated each season.  Not just for trends, but also for functionality!  In the fall/winter I tend to wear heavier makeup both in formulas and in colors, a lot of purples, smokey taupes and deep jewel tones.  Come spring I’m always looking to lighten and brighten so more highlighting and pinks and peaches.  In the summer it’s all about that bronze glow in formulas that can withstand the hot heat and sweating faces.

Bronzy and Glowy for the Summer

Bronzy and Glowy for the Summer

In the summer it all starts with the right base!  I may be able to use a lighter day moisturizer but I have to use a primer more than ever in the summer.  Perfect for summer is the Magix Face Perfector because it not only blurs my summer pores, it also has SPF 20 in it.  I’ll then use my concealer or my Magix Tint Tinted Moisturizer.  Mid-day I’ll need a powder touch up with some translucent powder or at least the use of some blotting sheets.

Functional for the hot heat

Functional for the hot heat

Functionally in the summer my makeup can’t be too heavy, it will just clog my pores.  I also prefer to use more summer friendly colors to make more of an impact and still look down for anything like a summer day is!  I tend to favor bronzer, glow-y products, bronzy brown shadows and simple glossy lips or a vibrant bold lip if I’m going out in a bright coral, orange or pink.  I’ve really been loving the Avon Dazzle Drops to add in some summer glow to my look.

Tip and Trick:  Use your bronzer as your transition shade on your lid

Tip and Trick: Use your bronzer as your transition shade on your lid

A little summer makeup tip and trick is to use your bronzer as your transition shade on your eyes.  Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend in the crease and under the eye, making sure there’s no harsh lines.  Then use a simple shade all over your lid, I used the taupe shade in the Berry Love Avon Eyeshadow Quad.  Finally, add a little bit of your Avon Dazzle Drops on the center of your eyelid for a easy and glowing summer makeup look.  Here I finished it all with Avon Crave Lip Gloss in Peach Bellini, which I think is the perfect summer lipgloss “flavor.”

Avon Lip Crave in Peach Bellini

Avon Lip Crave in Peach Bellini

Word on A Few Summer Favorites:  Magix Face PerfectorBenefit Hoola Matte Bronzer, Avon Dazzle Drops, Avon Nourishing Lipstick in Dragonfruit Blush, Avon Crave Lipgloss in Peach Bellini, Avon True Color Bronzing Pearls.

Summer Lip Shade:  Avon Nourishing Lipstick in Dragonfruit Blush

Summer Lip Shade: Avon Nourishing Lipstick in Dragonfruit Blush

The products I used in my Big and Bold post are also summer favorites!  I love a fun summer eyeshadow palette along with some big and bold summer color.  I know I don’t take the best makeup pictures, never have, never will but I hope you got the gist of how you can master 5 different takes on makeup and apply them to your life in a functional way!  Just to recap the 5 we have The Everyday Slay, The Quickie, Going Out, Big and Bold and lastly the Seasonal Switch we highlighted today.  Please reach out if you want any suggestions for mastering your makeup!

5 Makeup Looks You Should (and can) Master

5 Makeup Looks To Master

5 Makeup Looks To Master

Makeup Monday is going to cary on all week because I’ll be sharing 5 makeup looks you should master for your life. I realize not everyone is as much of a product junkie as me, but what I also realized is basically I just do 5 main looks and tweak them, and they’re pretty much the looks everyone should have in their makeup arsenal.  So!  I’ll be sharing posts on each of the 5 looks, how you can master them and how you can tweak them.

You CAN do it!

You CAN do it!

With each look you’ll want to master them according to your skin type and lifestyle.  Its kinda like how workout videos have the main person to follow along with and then one person doing the modified version for not as skilled and then one doing modified for those more advanced.  You can do the same thing with makeup, be extra or be minimal.  Here are the 5 looks I feel are the ones everyone should and can master:

  1.  Everyday Slay – your go to everyday makeup routine that works for work, play, weekend and more.  Just complimentary go with everything shades that work for you.
  2. The Quickie – a super quick version of your everyday that can be done super quick when running late.  These are your dessert island products you can put on in a snap.
  3. Going Out – this is your party look for a night out or a special event that you know will look good for pictures but also makes you feel a little special.
  4. Big and Bold – going big or go home, with a bold pop of color, be it a bold lip or a bold eye or both!
  5. Seasonal Switch – you need to adapt your makeup for the season not just in colors but also in formula, I’ll be featuring my summer edition.
My top 5 products

My top 5 products

Here are my top 5 products representing each of these 5 looks:

Everyday Slay:  Avon Magix Tint Brightening Tinted Moisturizer

The Quickie:  Avon True Color Liquid Precise Pen

Going Out:  Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Kitten Karma

Big and Bold:  Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Coral Fever

Seasonal Switch:  Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Everything I Want A Box

Everything I Ever Wanted A Box

BONUS:  Avon A Box – here’s a shameless plug for the Everything I Ever Wanted A Box.  Right now it features one of my fav mascaras along with one of my fav nail polish formulas in addition to a good eyeliner and a nice neutral lipstick.  This A Box is perfect for your everyday slay with products that will translate over to every 5 of these looks to master… and for only $10 with a $40 purchase!

It's Makeup Monday All Week!

It’s Makeup Monday All Week!

Be sure to check back all week for my detailed post on the 5 looks along with some tweaks, swatches and reviews!

Easy Summer Makeup with 1 Product – mark. Touch And Glow Shimmer Cube In Coral

Easy Summer Makeup With mark.

Easy Summer Makeup With mark.

Summer makeup needs to be 3 things:   1.  Easy, no one wants to spend all morning putting on layers and layers of makeup, esp in summer humidity.  2.  Fresh, an over done face just doesn’t work in the summer time, sorry it just doesn’t.  3.  Packable, with summer vacations, day trips, and just being on the go you need something transportable and isn’t going to spill or burst with elevation changes.  I found THE product that fits all these and more mark. Touch and Glow Shimmer Cubes in Coral.

mark. Touch and Glow Shimmer Cube in Coral

mark. Touch and Glow Shimmer Cube in Coral

One of mark.’s cult favorite products is it’s touch and glow shimmer cube (original, see post here).  Earlier this year they released a coral version, and honestly, I have no idea how I waited this long to pick this one up! This is the 1 product solution to your summer makeup routine.  The obvious use is to use it as a blush and/or highlighter but this killer product is one multi-tasking cream to powder wonder!

Summer Makeup Look Using ONLY mark. Touch and Glow Shimmer Cube in Coral.

Summer Makeup Look Using ONLY mark. Touch and Glow Shimmer Cube in Coral.

For my easy summer makeup look I used the Touch and Glow Coral on my cheeks, for contouring, as eyeshadow and on my lips!  Only tools I used were my fingers and the mark. Travel Pro Brush Set.  Because it’s smaller I was able to get more control.  Here’s how I used it:

On Cheeks: I swirled all colors and applied to the apples of my cheeks using the mark. Travel Pro Blush Brush.   For contour I used my finger in shade 6 (2nd row far right shade) and went along my temples to under the cheek in a C shape.


mark. Touch and Glow Coral  For Eyes

mark. Touch and Glow Coral On The Eyes

On Eyes:  I used my fingers to apply shade 2 (top row middle shade) all over from lash line to brow.  Then I used shade 3 (top row far right shade) on my inner corner and half of lid and under the lower lashes.  Lastly I used a mix of shade 1, 4 and 6 on the outer half of my lid.  I lined my eyes again using the travel pro brush set with mark. Saved By The Gel in Cool Azul from the Instant Vacation Buenos Aires Vibe Collection (see here).  Finished with Avon Super Extend Winged Out Mascara.

mark. Shimmer Cubes in Coral On Lips

mark. Shimmer Cubes in Coral On Lips

On Lips:  For this very on trend lip color I used shade 8 (bottom row middle shade) applied with the lip brush from the mark. Travel Pro Brush Set.  Done and done!  It’s similar finish to those matte liquid lipsticks (like from Nyx) that are super popular.  It even lasted through eating lunch!

Easy Summer Makeup Look With 1 Product

Easy Summer Makeup Look With 1 Product

Word Of Alicia Review on mark. Touch and Glow Shimmer Cubes in Coral:  Anything that multi-tasks this well gets two thumbs up from me.  Let me note it’s really hard to take pictures of your makeup (my eyes did not want to open!) so these were taken in the shade so the colors are a bit more vibrant in real life.  The color pay off on this is great but it isn’t a super long lasting formula.  When applied in the morning before work I had to touch up after work before meeting up for dinner, but really, that’s still pretty decent.  And I like how it has just the right amount of shimmer nothing too overwhelming and will be flattering on all skin types and tones.  I’m just mad I didn’t get this one sooner!

You can shop the mark. Touch and Glow Shimmer Cubes in Coral along with my eyeliner, mascara and brush set used at use promo code AVON60 for 20% off your $60 order or JULY25 for 25% off a $75 order or SHIP15 for free shipping on $15.

Valentine’s Day Ideas – Makeup

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and yes its a hallmark holiday, and yes we WILL be theming ourselves out just for the fun of it.  So no matter if you’re just going to work, hanging out at home, or have a hot date there’s always a reason to put your best face forward!  Here’s some inspiration…

Get The Look - Bright Eyes

Get The Look – Bright Eyes

Model is wearing i-mark in shade whisper (on lids), bronze pro in shade pro golden (in the creases), keep it going compact entourage (black shade along the upper lash lines and the white shade along the lower lash lines and lash act in shade blackest black on eyes; just pinched in shade berry on cheeks; and gloss gorgeous in shade showy on lips.

Something like this is great for date night because its simple enough that you don’t look over done but makes your eyes just pop!  Plus using Gloss Gorgeous on your lips as it wears off from dinner it leaves a great stain!


Get The Look - Indigo Lined Eyes

Get The Look – Indigo Lined Eyes

EYES Sweep on the dot neutral shade 5 over lids and into the creases. Run no place to run in shade indigo girl inside the upper and lower lids, then across the lids from the inner corner of the eyes to slightly beyond the outer corners. Fill in the wing shapes created with pencil. Layer a black liquid liner on top, Get In Line in Painted Black.  Brush two coats of lash act in shade blackest black onto lashes.CHEEKS Dust just blushing in shade charmed onto the apples of the cheeks.

LIPS Apply lipclick in shade Pink Frosting.

This look is great if you’re wearing pink!  Again it focuses on the eyes but the pink lip is super flattering and festive!
Get The Look - Hot Sauce

Get The Look – Hot Sauce

A tried and true red lip is always a Valentine’s Day go to.  Get the look with Make it Rich Lip Crayon in Hot Sauce.  Pair it with bronze eye and lots and lots of mascara!

You can shop all the products used at my eBoutique: and through tomorrow get a FREE Valentine’s Day Set with $40 purchase using promo code MKHOOKUP  The set includes Glow Baby Glow Lipgloss in Smooches, Scandalash mascara hookup, a hookup connector and a petite slither bag… Which together actually is a great Valentine’s Day look on its own, ton’s of mascara and neutral lipgloss!  Plus use the bag as a clutch and you’re all set for date night, or whatever the night may bring!

FREE Valentine's Day Gift Bundle

FREE Valentine’s Day Gift Bundle

Instant Vacation Looks – The Hampton’s Collection

Gear up for Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial summer kickoff! with some looks that will have you covered day to night, laying on the beach or taking an instant vacation in your cubicle!

For Night

Easy neutrals with a pop of color take you from sitting out on the deck during happy hour to full on night out! Pair it with Tall Order Sandals to create some killer stems and bronze those stems with Glow It All Gradual Self Tanner. Nothing compliments a LWD more than a tan!

What I’m Wearing:

Shop All These:

For Day

For Day:

Easily transition your outfit by converting the Catch Of The Day Clutch to a shoulder bag with the convertible strap and throw on the Blaze The Way Blazer for a polished summer work look. Neutrals keep you looking professional while the IT COLOR of the moment in our Rock Of Ages Necklace keeps you fun and on trend.

What I added to transition my look for day. Everyone NEEDS this neutral blazer, perfect for covering up from that blasting AC! Its a wardrobe staple that will transition MANY outfits without looking too stuffy.

Shop these transitional pieces:

For Play

For Play:

The Catch Of The Day Clutch can also be worn cross body so you have the use of your hands for shopping, clapping or whatever your play date involves! Throw on our comfy flats, Sunny Outlook Sandals to take you everywhere you need to go!

Sunny Outlook Sandals $32

Get The Look

Get The Look: Hampton’s Color Collection.  You can recreate my makeup look with some of our NEW color collection and some old favorites!!!

First I bronzed up my skin with our gradual tanners for both face and body, It’s A Glow (12) Glow It All ($14).

For Face I used Conceal For Real Hookup ($6) to cover even out and cover up flaws. Followed by Bronze Pro ($12) lightly all over with emphasis on my cheeks for contouring.

For Eyes I used the the new Keep It Going shade Naturalist $11 (Brown and Teal). I lined half my eye with the teal shade using the Flat Eyeliner Brush ($7). Followed by lining the outer half with the brown shade with wining it out and blended into the crease. I topped it off with liquid black liner, Get In Line Waterproof Liquid Liner in Painted Black ($6.50) and finishing it off with Lash All You Want in Black ($11). This gave a pop of color on the eye coordinating with the pop’s of color in my outfit, but mild enough for day wear.

For Lips I used Gloss On Lip Gloss in Sunset Beach ($10).

Fragrance I used the new Instant Vacation Fragrance Hamptons in both the shimmering body lotion ($10) and fragrance ($20) for extra staying power and just a little gleam with the shimmer lotion. This is not your typical glitter lotion, just a very pretty adult shimmer.

shop it:

This collection has to be one of my ALL time favorites from mark.  Each piece is versatile and fits so nicely into your summer wardrobe.  It has me wanting summer vacation NOW!  But until then I’ll just have to wear the pieces and take an Instant Vacation.  All items are now available at my eBoutique: