5 Makeup Looks You Should (and can) Master

5 Makeup Looks To Master
5 Makeup Looks To Master

Makeup Monday is going to cary on all week because I’ll be sharing 5 makeup looks you should master for your life. I realize not everyone is as much of a product junkie as me, but what I also realized is basically I just do 5 main looks and tweak them, and they’re pretty much the looks everyone should have in their makeup arsenal.  So!  I’ll be sharing posts on each of the 5 looks, how you can master them and how you can tweak them.

You CAN do it!
You CAN do it!

With each look you’ll want to master them according to your skin type and lifestyle.  Its kinda like how workout videos have the main person to follow along with and then one person doing the modified version for not as skilled and then one doing modified for those more advanced.  You can do the same thing with makeup, be extra or be minimal.  Here are the 5 looks I feel are the ones everyone should and can master:

  1.  Everyday Slay – your go to everyday makeup routine that works for work, play, weekend and more.  Just complimentary go with everything shades that work for you.
  2. The Quickie – a super quick version of your everyday that can be done super quick when running late.  These are your dessert island products you can put on in a snap.
  3. Going Out – this is your party look for a night out or a special event that you know will look good for pictures but also makes you feel a little special.
  4. Big and Bold – going big or go home, with a bold pop of color, be it a bold lip or a bold eye or both!
  5. Seasonal Switch – you need to adapt your makeup for the season not just in colors but also in formula, I’ll be featuring my summer edition.
My top 5 products
My top 5 products

Here are my top 5 products representing each of these 5 looks:

Everyday Slay:  Avon Magix Tint Brightening Tinted Moisturizer

The Quickie:  Avon True Color Liquid Precise Pen

Going Out:  Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Kitten Karma

Big and Bold:  Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Coral Fever

Seasonal Switch:  Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Everything I Want A Box
Everything I Ever Wanted A Box

BONUS:  Avon A Box – here’s a shameless plug for the Everything I Ever Wanted A Box.  Right now it features one of my fav mascaras along with one of my fav nail polish formulas in addition to a good eyeliner and a nice neutral lipstick.  This A Box is perfect for your everyday slay with products that will translate over to every 5 of these looks to master… and for only $10 with a $40 purchase!

It's Makeup Monday All Week!
It’s Makeup Monday All Week!

Be sure to check back all week for my detailed post on the 5 looks along with some tweaks, swatches and reviews!

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