Week O’ Nautical – Weekend Wear


And the long weekend is here!  I’ve already slept in, went out, washed the cars, bowled, hit up a bbq and roasted delish meat on spits!  And there’s still 2 more days left full of more bbq’s, pools, swimming and lake day!  For all this casual weekend activity I’m going to need some equally chic and nautical themed pieces!

Week O'Nautical Weekend Wear
Week O’Nautical Weekend Wear

Memorial Day weekend definitely means shorts.  I’ll be wearing my favorite sailor shorts and my white cut offs all weekend!  Both of these are from Forever 21 and I’ll be wearing them with some red white or navy bra tanks from Express and maybe an open stitch sweater for a coverup.  My other weekend essentials are my Hamptons fragrance and shimmer lotion from mark.  It’s a super clean scent perfect for summer, plus the shimmer lotion is so sparkling it adds just that little bit of something to bare arms and legs, and we’re not talking Spice Girl’s glitter, classy shimmer if you will.  Every year mark. comes out with an “Instant Vacation” series fragrance and this one has to be one of the most wearable, and my favorite!  Another weekend essential is my self tanner from mark. in both face and body, the face lotion is shown here.  After being in the sun all weekend my skin will also need some TLC with my Lemon Sugar Whipped Up Body Butter that smells so summery and so nourishing.

Week O' Nautical Swimwear
Week O’ Nautical Swimwear

Nautical Details
Nautical Details

Basically I plan for the rest of my weekend to be poolside and lakeside so I’ll need some nautical suits.  Both of these were picked up at Victoriassecret.com clearance which is the BEST place to get quality suits at great prices.  I like the red monokini for the extra coverage and everything stays in place during activities.  I have to wear a single string top under to hold in the ladies, which is such a great idea!  I can now wear a suit I usually couldn’t wear and achieve some color blocking as well.  It actually looks better than you’d think.  And what’s that big white thing?  Oh thats the new floating cooler, new just for the weekend.  It will only be holding my lemonaid but will fo sho hold a lot of adult beverages needed for lake day.  Throw on a PSU cover up skirt and we’re good to go for the weekend!


PS.  Even my jammies are nautical this weekend!

nautical pj's
nautical pj’s