Official Summer Treat – S’mores! (with Peanut Butter!!!)


“Would you like a s’more?”

“S’more of what I haven’t had anything yet?”

“You’re killing me Smalls”


It’s official s’more season.  And if you don’t automatically think of Sandlot then I’m not sure if we can be friends.  I LOVE me some toasted marshmallows over a bon fire with or without the rest of the s’more companions.  Something about that charbroiled cover to sticky melty goodness on the inside that just says, hello perfect summer night.  Problem is, in suburbia CA you can’t just light a bonfire in your back yard.  Or sometimes on Monday, when you get home from work, you just feel like a s’more.

Enter in my microwave s’mores.  Pretty self explanatory, I take the bottom grahm put on some chocolate and microwave until I start to see the chocolate get melty.  Then I add on the mallow, microwave some more until the mallows about to expand all over.  Then top it off with the top grahm with peanut butter spread on it.  Delish after work/school/anytime s’more.  Not exactly the same as one cooked over the fire but close enough until I’m celebrating a warm summer night with a fire and my s’mores.


Easy Peasy S'more
Easy Peasy S’more

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