Quick and Easy – Party Hair and Nails

Holiday season is in full swing!  Which means holiday parties and get togethers or even just extra fun nights out!  Sometimes, however, a girl just doesn’t have enough time to get full on glam.  Luckily this season I found some super quick and super easy products!

Quick Hair:

Quick and Easy Updo With Good Hair Day Clip
Quick and Easy Updo With Good Hair Day Clip

Pulling your hair up already just seems like you just spent and hr doing it!  This low messy bun works with a plethora of looks and really showcases your earrings!  Add the mark. Good Hair Day Clip ($12) and you’re instantly steps above the girl in the perfect chignon, all in a matter of seconds!  I literally did this in under a minute.  To recreate:

1.  Brush hair back and gather in a low pony at the nape of the neck secure with elastic.

2.  Above the elastic loosen and make a hole by splitting it in half.

3.  Take the the pony from below the elastic and go above the elastic and loop through the hole created.  (Basically these 3 steps just outlined topsy tail if you’re cool you’ll remember this from back in the day).

4.  Take a second elastic and create a messy bun with the remainder of the pony, I just personally wrap and twist like i was putting it in like a ponytail only not fully pulling the hair all the way through but do it how it works for you!

5.  Add Good Hair Day Clip at the top of the topsy tail on either side and bam! you’ve got an updo in less than a minute!


Quick Nails:

Essie Beyond Cozy and Just Your Luxe Ring
Essie Beyond Cozy and Just Your Luxe Ring

Since I got my Essie Winter 2012 mini cube (see here) I’ve been obsessing over this Beyond Cozy shade.  Its a silver and blond gold full opaque glitter, perfect for any night out!  Best thing about this shade… you can do 1 thick coat for full coverage and it dries SUPER QUICK!  How’s that for quick and easy nails!?!  Add a statement cocktail ring like this mark. Just Your Luxe Ring and you’re mani’s making holiday party moves!

Want to take that mani to the next level?  Do a half moon manicure with your favorite shade!

Tape It Off With Hole Reinforcers
Tape It Off With Hole Reinforcers

This technique isn’t anything new or amazing but its super quick and easy!  Tape off the half moon at the base of the nail, I liked mine a little higher so almost half way, so more glitter shows through!  Paint your nails in your color of choice from the top of the reinforcer up.  I picked Essie Bobbing for Baubles, a navy shade that achieved full coverage in one coat over the glitter.  Finish with a fast dry top coat to even out texture and you’re nails are DONE!    Sit for 2 full minutes then let them dry the rest of the way in the car on to your destination… that’s how party nails are done quick and easy haha!

Essie Half Moon Mani With Beyond Cozy and Baubing for Baubles
Essie Half Moon Mani With Beyond Cozy and Baubing for Baubles

And I’m officially apologizing for such crappy pictures… yes they were done the quick and easy way with the mobile.  Fitting for such a post.  Now you can be polished and perfected quickly!  To shop the Good Day Hair Clip ($12) Just Your Luxe Ring ($20) or the Vintage Violet Stretch Ring ($18) go to http://ahessinger.mymarkstore.com




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