Trending Tuesday #halloweenmanis

If the world of alicia was the internet #halloweenmanis would be trending!  With Halloween coming up next week there’s at least one thing we can do to be festive, put a costume on your nails!  I’m a sucker for theme-ing out anything and that includes my mani’s!  Check out last year’s versions here  This year however I’ve been festive for the last week or so which means #halloweenmanis all week!

Something super simple for October is black.  Basic black actually is pretty chic so sporting it before Halloween is definitely a way to be festive but yet not over the top.  Something new to try this year is Black Vinyl by Julep.  It has a different finish than your normal polish giving it the edge in the black nail polish department.  And if you’re not a black nail polish wearer – now’s your chance!  It’s Halloween anything goes!

It’s a rubbery, matte finish… basically like vinyl for your nails, hence the name black vinyl!  I received mine as part of my bombshell box for the month of October paired with a shimmery deep green, Valerie.  These two are the perfect pairings for a chic #halloweenmani and/or #halloweenmanipedi pairing!  I wore the green shade in this Wear and Share Wednesday post if you look hard enough 🙂

Let me just say that Julep is been on point lately!  A little insight into Julep, every month the release a collection with a pairing suited for 5 different style types.  The pairing is your maven monthly box and my type is Bombshell which like I said has been spot. on.!!!  To get your own maven box sign up here (you can get it for only a penny!  use code PENNY).  Believe me you won’t be disappointed plus becoming a maven gets you additional discount, exclusives, promotions and free products!

I’ll be highlighting my #halloweenmanis all week so check back for more nail costumes!!!

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  1. sedrate organizes says:

    Where did the ring come from? I like it.

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