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October Is My Favorite Color
October Is My Favorite Color

October has proved to be a pretty good month so far, really all of fall has!  And it’s just the beginning!  We still have Halloween and Thanksgiving and all the fall treats in-between!  Apparently though, all these fun activities I like to do in the fall, any excitement over anything pumpkin and all the fall-tastic pictures I post on social media are all #basicwhitegirl things!

Proof curtsey of BuzzFeed:

Fall Scents
Fall Scents

This makes me giggle, A LOT.  Mainly  because I do most of these, enjoy most of these, and will share the crap out of most of these with anyone willing.  So get ready for a week of #basicwhitegirl fall fantastic-ness!  Which will include but not limited to; pumpkin spice mani, the perfect fall sweater, fall lip trends anyone can pull off, DIY Pumpkin Spice Chai, fall boots that don’t break the bank and more!

NOTE:  #basicwhitegirl fall activities are not limited to basic white girls… you know you’ve done AT LEAST one of those things!

With My Pumpkins!
With My Pumpkins!

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