The Essentials All Girls Need In Their Lives

The bare necessities of life – ah, the stuff we girls just couldn’t live without. Naturally the girls nowadays will have a much different list of essentials for the girls from a few years ago, in fact as things progress therefore the list will inevitably change.

Here are a few essentials which most ladies (and very often boys) just could not live without:

• The internet – how on earth did we ever manage without it? Are you able to imagine trying to last a week, a day and even an hour without internet connection? It’s like somebody has chopped your arm off. If we needed to take an umbrella, without the internet we wouldn’t be able to function these days – we wouldn’t be able to shop, to find our way about, to communicate with this friends and family, to know what’s going on on earth – heck, we wouldn’t even know what the weather was like and. It seems that the times of looking out of the window to check whether it’s raining are long gone.


• Cell phone – this sort of ties along with the internet. Not only do we demand that the internet is at our beck and call in any way hours from the night and day at home, we want it basically we are out and about as well. We want so as to send instant messages to family and friends, take a photo and have it whizzing through cyber space to show off to our own nearest and dearest. We want for the greatest Chinese restaurant within a half mile radius, know when our favorite boutique has a sale on and whether the train is going to be delayed for the journey home. You want it all and we want it NOW.

• Daily shower – “cleanliness is next to Godliness” my Grandmother used to say, and she only bathed once a week in front of the fire. Today we won’t step on the front door until we’ve experienced a nice hot shower to wake us up leaving us feeling fresh and clean. How times have changed.

• Makeup – this is definitely one for your girls. We have now this morning routine which cannot be broken – get up, go on a shower, do our hair and apply our makeup before even popping in the market to the store for a bottle of milk. Obviously it helps if our makeup is organized for quick application inside the mornings – a nice makeup brush holder keeping things tidy and a cosmetic organizer so that we can easily pick out the lipstick we have been in the mood for at a moment’s notice. If you’re interested, they’ve got some great products at

• Dessert – dessert is definitely the ultimate comfort food, it kind of “mends everything”. It may mend a broken heart, it can raise your spirits following a sad experience; it can help to fill the void of loneliness on the Saturday night without a date. If you have the foresight to stick to dark chocolate it’s pretty good for you too – but maybe that’s going a bit too far. A lot of women find a sweet treat fits in perfectly after having a busy day.


• A cup of tea or coffee – how else can anyone get moving in the mornings? It takes no less than three servings of strong coffee for some before eyes are open and sufficiently focused to even attempt any one of the other things at the top of the list . . . and I’m sure it’s not just me.

a hot cup



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