Christmas Makeup – Emerald Eyes

Under a week until Christmas and the excitement is building!  I CAN’T WAIT for that warm and fuzzy feeling that only Christmas Eve magic can achieve!  I still have shopping to do and gifts to wrap but one thing for sure is I have plenty of inspiration for my Christmas look.  I have ideas on what to wear (here, here, here, and here!.. whew!), what to do with my nails (here and here) and now a makeup look perfect for Christmas through New Years!

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Emerald Eyes and Melon Lip
Emerald Eyes and Melon Lip with mark. On The Dot Smokey Pallet

Inspired by Chloe Morello’s look I recreated an emerald eye with a melon lip, perfect for this holiday season!  I’m completely different tone than Chloe, plus I like a winged liner and don’t want to spend $30 on a single eyeshadow (that I can’t even find by the way, I looked).  Instead, I rather spend $16 on a whole pallet to recreate the look using mark. On The Dot Smokey Pallet.  Here’s my take on recreating an emerald eye for the holidays.

Eyes:  With a smokey dark eye, its best to do the eyes first, before the rest of the face for easy cleanup of any fall out.  Start with a primer, Avon Eyeshadow Primer.  Then using the included sponge applicator use shade 1 from the mark. On The Dot Smokey Pallet (top left) all over your lid.  Use an eyeshadow brush and blend in shade 2 (top middle).  Use a stiff brush (I used the mark eyeliner brush) in shade 3 (top right) and accent the outer v in the darkest green shade.  Use a soft blending brush to blend in the socket and right outside of it so there are no harsh lines (I used Avon’s Pro Crease Brush).  This next step is optional, but dab on a little gold eyeshadow concentrating in the middle of the eye ( I used mark. Eye Dream Of Glam pallet for this).  Like I said, I like a winged eyeliner so I used that same eyeliner brush that I used in my outer v for my eyeliner by wetting the brush and dipping it in shade 3 (top right) and shade 9 (bottom right) in that same mark. On The Dot Smokey Pallet to line my eyes and wing it out.  Under my eyes I used a little bit of shade 2 smoked out around my bottom lashes.  For the last finishing tough I highlighted my inner corner and brow bone with shade 7 (bottom left, white).

Face:  Avon Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation ($12) with a little conturing using Avon Glow Bronzing Powder and mark. Just Blushing in Cameo.  For a highlighter, mark. Touch and Glow just on the high points of my cheeks.

Lips:  A more matte or creamy natural lip with melon tones looks really good with this eye.  Plus if you’re wearing black it really makes the whole look pop!  Use Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick in Creamy Melon.

All it takes is a little inspiration for the perfect look to come together.  I love love love the look Chloe created but my take works for me.  Are you inspired to re-create this look?  $16 for a whole pallet to re-create this look and more!  You can get the mark. On The Dot Smokey Pallet and all the mark. and Avon products I used here:  and don’t forget about that FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING promo code 2DAYSHIP going on now!  Get the products you need to finish out your holiday beauty look!

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