Beauty Staples I Got From My Dad!


Happy Birthday Dad!  Today Dad would of been celebrating his 65th birthday and Father’s Day on Sunday with his 4 children, but he left us too early.  Since he was such a great man, he left a lasting impression and a day doesn’t go by I don’t think about him or his influence doesn’t play a part.  Daily I’m reminded by my go-to everyday beauty staples that I got from my Dad!  Dad was particular and that totally got annoying some times.  However, some of those things I now can’t live without (like butter, NO MARGARINE!).  Growing up with 1 bathroom you just used what was in there but that wasn’t such a bad thing.  Here are my top 3 everyday beauty items influenced from my Dad:


1.  Dove Soap  — tried and true this is my every day without a doubt!

2.  Panteen Pro-V — Dad had a good set of hair and def where I got mine from!  Panteen Conditioner is one of the only conditioners that only work for me.

3.  Aerosol Hairspray– Dad and I both have to spray the side sweep to keep it in place.  We know it has to be the right kind of hairspray.  On our fine hair pump sprays aren’t a fine enough mist, so aerosol it is.  (the good kind though).

Happy Birthday Dad!
Happy Birthday Dad!

I totally remember my mom would give my dad facials from time to time.  I got his skin, which is not awesome (darn you Dad, Mom has killer skin!).  We always had some new products laying around to try out, which as a girl, I totally loved.  Dad was the manliest man I know and he totally wasn’t afraid to look his best and put some effort in.  I mean he loved short shorts and socks ALL THE TIME so yea he was your average goofy dad but he was awesome.  Moral of the story beauty inspiration comes in all shapes and forms and hang out with your Dad if you can, you never know when they’ll be gone too soon.

Dad in his manly glory for a coffee break from plowing.
Dad in his manly glory for a coffee break from plowing.

And one last note, you know my mom taught him everything 🙂

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