Hairtastic: The Half Up Messy Bun

The Half Up Messy Bun
The Half Up Messy Bun

The half up messy bun is having a moment.  I’m totally on board with this hairstyle for a few reasons.

1.  It’s super easy.  Who doesn’t like easy.

2.  It’s super quick.  I’m always late.  ALWAYS.  So having a hairstyle in my arsenal that’s quick and looks good is a must have.

3.  It keeps your hair out of your face while still looking “done.”

4.  It works with semi-wet hair.  Again back to this whole late thing, I don’t have time to blow dry so I need some wet hair looks.

5.  It was my go-to hair style in High School when I was running late.  Obiv it looks way better now when I do it but who doesn’t like resurfacing old trends haha.

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The Perfect LBD For Night
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Here’s how I do it: Air dry my hair for a little bit, basically until my bangs are dry.  Next I prep the hair with mark. Give It To Me Straight Super Smoothing Lotion.  Then I separate about half my hair starting at about half inch above my ears.  With this gathered hair I either twist into a bun or just create a messy ponytail bun, both secured with an elastic.  By messy ponytail bun I mean I just go through the motions of doing a ponytail only I don’t pull the ends out.  There’s no wrong way to do this, just create a non-perfect half up look.  I then will round brush and blow-dry my bottom half of hair, finger comb/style my bangs and leave some face framing layers loose.  Spray it all with a hair spray (John Frieda Frizz Ease Aerosol is my hair spray of choice.)  Done!

Take a look at some inspiration on this look!

Who else is sporting the half up messy bun!?

my go-to hair as of late!
my go-to hair as of late!

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