12 YAYs! Of Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is on! I think I like the Christmas season as much as I like Christmas Day itself! Now that we’re officially in December it’s time to complete that Christmas bucket list and get all the tasks done in the the most spirited way! Here are my 12 yay’s of Christmas!

1. 12 Days of Deals

Avon and mark. 12 Days Of Deals
Avon and mark. 12 Days Of Deals

Pretty much everywhere is doing 12 days of deals promotions because now is the time for any online shopping!  My eBoutique is not excluded.  Here are the 12 deals coming in the next 11 days (since it started yesterday!)

December 2
Day 1: FREE Makeup Design Palette with any $60+ order

December 3
Day 2: FREE Ceramic Gingerbread Man Holiday Spice Candle with any $40+ order
Use Code: SPICE

December 4
Day 3: FREE Naturals Cherry Blossom 3-Piece Set with any $40+ order
Use Code: CHERRY

December 5
Day 4: FREE Cascading Baguette Necklace & Bracelet with any $50+ order

December 6
Day 5: FREE Naturals Silky Vanilla Bath & Body 5-Piece Set with any $50+ Purchase

December 7
Day 6: Choice of Anew Vitale, Reversalist or Platinum Take-along Trio
FREE with any $50+ Purchase

December 8
Day 7: FREE Platinum-Plated Diamond Pendant Necklace with any $75+ Purchase

Stay tuned for more!

2.  The Nutcracker

Ghosts Of Christmas Past: San Francisco Ballet, Nutcracker
Ghosts Of Christmas Past: San Francisco Ballet, Nutcracker

As I mentioned in my last post The Nutcracker is the a season tradition for me. Every 10 years the Sacramento Ballet does The Nutty Nutcracker a humorous take on the traditional story.  This year I’ll be attending the nutty version, let’s see how it holds up!

3.  25 Days Of Christmas on ABC Family

We have a few weeks to cram in all those favorite Christmas movies and ABC family’s 25 days of Christmas pretty much hits them all.  Here is there FULL listing of every movie they’ve got going on in the next 22 days.  See the list here.

4.  One For You, One For Me Rule.

Avon Bling Pave Watch ONLY $19.99
Avon Bling Pave Watch ONLY $19.99

Problem with Christmas shopping is it seems to be the time when you see all the stuff you’ve been searching for and on sale.  So the one for me one for you rule is just a necessary evil.  Like for me I’ve been looking for the right silver watch, well Avon has they Bling Pave Watch with Crystals By Swarvoski for only $19.99 (an $80 value!).  Soooo I shop a little for the family I add the watch for me.  Win.  Win!  You can score this deal too even if it’s not for you… (shop here).

5.  Christmas Cookies

cookie monster
cookie monster

Making Christmas cookies is the best tradition.  Brings back fond memories with my mom and brother… and when we had cookie making parties!  My favorite, and most time consuming, are the classic sugar cookies.  I use my Grandma Donnell’s recipe and to me they’re perfect.  Note:  If you want them soft use butter instead of crisco, if you want them a little harder (like my mom likes) use crisco instead of butter.  If you like them in the middle use half and half (which is what we usually do!)

Get Grandma Donnell’s Sugar Cookies Recipe here.

6.  Christmas Lights

On Christmas Eve we’d drive around after church to look at all the lights and that seriously was one of my favorite Christmas memories.  Now I still want to take the time and go be a looky loo at the lights, aka stalk peoples houses at night.

7.  It’s Red Lips Season

Avon Ultra Color Lipstick In Matte Ruby
Avon Ultra Color Lipstick In Matte Ruby

All the red lips you can handle!  Screw if you think you can pull of a red lip or not, just wear one!  I personally like a matte red lipstick like mark. Lipclick Matte ($11) in Siren or Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Matte Ruby (now only $5.99!!!).  If you want more of a sheen then try mark. All Butter Now in Fired Up ($11) it’s super moisturizing for winter lips!

8.  Wrapping Presents

Gift Wrapping Season!
Gift Wrapping Season!

Wrapping presents is my absolute favorite!  I’ll sit there and do it until my back is sore while a Christmas special is on tv!  My perfect night.  I also wrap for hire so you want me to do your gifts hit me up!

9.  Deck The Halls

Decking My Halls
Decking My Halls

Decorating for Christmas is the best way to spend a weekend.  (If you haven’t already)  Spend a few hours hunting for the perfect tree (or put up your fake one I don’t hate).  Then spend the rest of the day with some cider or hot chocolate and pulling out all your favorite decorations!  You need to save money anyways so stay home and deck the halls!

10.  Christmas Themed Manis!

mark. Nailed It Duo in Eggnog and Sugar Plum
mark. Nailed It Duo in Eggnog and Sugar Plum

Pretty much from here on out you have all the reason to have the jolliest Christmas mani’s!  From a classic red to full on holiday nail art, creating a festive mani is a little something you can do to bring some Christmas cheer.  I love the mark. Nailed It Duo for an unconventional look or for a classic red I like Avon Nailwear Pro Speed Dry in Red Red.  Add an accent nail in Avon Nailwear Pro in Golden Vision or top with one of Avon Dazzlers Top Coats!

11.  Christmas Music On Blast

Even though my iTunes seems to want to  play Christmas music all year long (seriously why does it always select Christmas music on shuffle!?), but those classic tunes are soothing, fun and festive!  Pandora’s Maria Carey Merry Christmas is the BEST!


12.  Holiday Soiree 

Hostessing and Holiday Parties!
Hostessing and Holiday Parties!

If you don’t have a holiday party to attend host one! It can be grand or just a few friends for drinks.  Either way it’s time to put on something special and socialize with friends and family!  Stay tuned for some holiday party ideas!


… and a partridge in a pear tree!

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