Word Of Alicia Review: Avon Little Black Dress Fragrance Collection

Word Of Alicia:  Avon Little Black Dress Collection
Word Of Alicia: Avon Little Black Dress Collection

Because it’s Little Black Dress week here on the blog, inspired by Avon’s Little Black Dress Fragrance, figured I might as well review the scent that’s inspired the theme!

Avon Little Black Dress Fragrance Collection
Avon Little Black Dress Fragrance Collection

Description:  Our classic Little Black Dress scent has been modernized. It’s now an oriental/floral fragrance that’s versatile and stylish from day to night. A sparkling aroma of Italian lemon oil and elegant jasmine essence embellished with luxurious sandalwood.

The neckline of the Little Black Dress is like the top note of the fragrance; it is the greatest first impression she can make.

The waistline of the fragrance represents glamour, grace and captivating femininity.

The hemline of the fragrance was made to create a self-assured elegance to the wearer and lends a long-lasting impression that she takes with her wherever she goes.

Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Spray
Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Spray


Rodrigo has a distinguished career in perfumery spanning over 20 years and several countries, including Mexico, France and the United States. In 2007, he re-joined the house of Givaudan, where he had his initial introduction to perfumery more than 15 years ago.

“Our muse for this fragrance was the iconic Little Black Dress, a universal symbol of sophistication that never goes out of style, reflecting the beautiful silhouette of a woman…her neckline, waistline and hemline.” – Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Master Perfumer and Little Black Dress Co-creator

All 3 for $25
All 3 for $25

Word Of Alicia:  My immediate thoughts were sophistication.  The bottle design alone suggest this.  I’d get it just to sit and look pretty.  To me it is a warm scent, but not old lady.   Like they said, is perfect for any occasion.  This would work for day or night, work or play.  It’s not overwhelming, it has a softness to it that makes it easy to wear.  It’s not like anything I own however it’s suppose to be similar to Victoria’s Secret Heavenly.  I really do feel a little empowered and womanly in it.  The lotion is really good too!  Usually these type of lotions are just ok, but this one is really moisturizing and the scent doesn’t “sting” you when you put it on.  Layered with the shower gel this is a pairing I’d buy again.  Staying power is pretty good too.  Lasts the work day for me.  At $25 for all 3 I’d say it’s a definite!  If you’re unsure comment or dm me I’ll send you a free sample!

Get The Shower Gel, Lotion and Perfume!
Get The Shower Gel, Lotion and Perfume!

LBD Collection:  In addition Avon released a fashion collection to go with the scent.  My top pick from it is the Avon Signature Laser-Cut Little Black Dress.  It’s similar to this mark. one I have so I didn’t get it but if you missed out on that one GET THIS ONE!  I LOVE the dress, the fit and the versatility of it.  Also the Avon Style Swap Ocean Drive Necklace.  You can wear it 3 ways and it’s just that perfect accent for a LBD.

Avon Laser Cut Little Black Dress
Avon Laser Cut Little Black Dress
Avon Style Swap Ocean Avenue Necklace
Avon Style Swap Ocean Drive Necklace

You can shop the dress, necklace and new fragrance at the introductory rate of $25 for all 3 at my eboutique.  Be sure to check out the rest of the collection as well and request a sample if you’re interested!

LBD at www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger
LBD at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger

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