Grammy Feels That Took Over Mani Monday

Valentine's Day Mani Monday
Valentine’s Day Mani Monday

“Last night a DJ saved my life”…  That’s how I feel about the Grammy’s last night. Today I totally planned to have this Valentine’s Day Mani Monday post but then the Grammy’s happened, and for whatever reason it had me feeling all sorts of musical happiness.  Here’s what I loved…

  1.  The actual music!  Not the red carpet looks, not a funny moment or an emotional one or the personal statements, but the actual music.  Everyone was spot on and the performances were excellent and the music and nominees were all really good.  The spotify playlist, on repeat.
  2. Tribe Called Quest.
  3. Realizing that the song I’ve been sining along to on the radio that I thought sounded very Michael Jackson-esq for months now, was The Weekend.  How did I miss that?  Oh, because for this last year I’ve not been listening to music, but I used to…  I used to know things, listen to it at work, while doing things, while getting ready… somehow I dropped music from my life which I why last night and the Grammy’s sparked something.
  4. Beyonce’s Red Sequin Dress.  Well all the red actually, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Kat Graham, Maya… of course red carpet picks had to make the list.
  5. Adelle’s makeup making her look like a bronzed goddess especially against her stunning green dress.
  6. Bruno as Prince.
  7. My new love and appreciation for Chance the Rapper.  Granted you’ll find a good few of my shazam’s containing him but I did not have him on my list of folks I liked, until now with his genuine personality and that gospel performance.  Anyone who can smoothly work in Harry Potter into your rap has my attention.  Word yo!
  8. Katy Perry’s white tux during her performance.
  9. Demi Lavoto’s jumpsuit during the Bee Gee’s tribute… and well, that freaking Bee Gee’s tribute.  I also can not help but smile every time I hear the Bee Gee’s and think of those SNL skits with JT and Jimmy, The Barry Gibb Show.  Smiles every time.
  10. Finally, that there’s a carpool karaoke show coming our way.  It better be on right after lip sync battle 😉

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Meanwhile, Valentine’s Mani Monday brought to you by Jamberry.  I absolutely adore them for the holidays, to get those fun printed looks to theme things out.  I’ll be doing a new mani today for actual Valentine’s Day tomorrow, probably while listening to that Grammy’s Spotify playlist.

Jamberry Wraps for Valentine's Day
Jamberry Wraps for Valentine’s Day
With Flash
With Flash
How cute are those lips!?
How cute are those lips!?

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