Last Week Of Spring

Last Day of Spring
Last Day of Spring

Can you believe this is the last week of spring!? The ‘Rona has this year all twisted and the time is just flying by. I heard the phrase “the days are long but the years are quick,” and I totally feel that way lately.  As I look back, this was definitely not a typical spring.  Usually its full of springy dresses, florals, and special occiasions to plan for but instead its casual comfort and things that spark joy!  Today’s spring outfit is just that!

Spring Fit
Spring Fit

This spring, the color coral sparked a lot of joy for me.  It was a punch of warm color that I was wearing in my jewelry, clothes and makeup!  I added in this new coral crochet top from Target.  When we were on lockdown one of the few stores open was Target and Alicia needed a little in person retail therapy so on a Target run I got this!  

Spring Color Crush:  Coral
Spring Color Crush: Coral

I paired it with my Avon Raffia collection jewelry, which has to be on of my FAV spring purchases.  I’m even more glad I’m back to work so I can wear it for more than a zoom meeting here and there.  These hoop earrings are the perfect not too big not too small size.  This is going to be a jewelry collection I wear all summer long!  And my Avon Modern Abolone Strap Watch is another spring pick up that will be perfect all summer long.

White Flare Jeans for Spring
White Flare Jeans for Spring

Lately our spring weather has been actual spring weather, some clouds, crisp breezes and in the 80s so I could actually wear pants and not die from the heat.  These white jeans from Express anchor this spring look.  I actually got to wear my jeans a lot during this spring as we were all living that casual life.  I actually kinda liked giving my casual wardrobe some love, it felt refreshing!

You can shop the Avon jewelry at my eBoutique at  My coral makeup that you can’t really see is all from Avon too!  If you are interested in some fun coral makeup that works for your skin tone, hit me up!  I do personal consulations, all online!  Comment on this post or DM via Facebook or Instagram and we’ll connect.  

Later Spring, Hello Summer!
Later Spring, Hello Summer!

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  1. Kate says:

    Wow! This coral top is soooo pretty! Looks so nice with white jeans for summer. I love your style!

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