Week O’Nautical – Morning Miles

Good Moooorning Vietnam! The 4th of July is quickly approaching and there are 3 things I am for sure doing this week:

1. Starting my morning with a few miles walk enjoying the cooler morning temps and summer early daylight before work. Which means I’m sportimg my red white and blue fits for this activity! (Even my socks are ‘merica 🙃)

Hat: Adidas; Tank: DSG – Dick’s Sporting Goods; Cropped Leggings: Old Navy; Star Hoops: Nanamacs

2. Binging all the ‘merica movies and shows! Good Morning, Vietnam is on Prime Video for those who haven’t seen the 1987 gem. I also started The First Lady on Showtime and you know Independence Day will be on some cable channel this weekend and I will absolutely be watching it.


3. Sporting red, white and blue everyday this week. Loosely in some sort of nautical underlying theme aka stripes, gold chains, rope details ya know whatever I can comw up with haha. The theme for the week really seems to be hoops and hats 😉

What’s everyone’s 4th plans! Are you binging anything this weekend!? For more hoops and hats and all things Week O’Nautical follow along on IG! @ wordofalicia

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