Valentine’s Day Hangover

So if I was proactive I would of had this done before Feb. 14th.  But I’m lazy…  So its a Valentine’s day hangover.  I love all holidays because its just another reason to theme it out.  Wear reds, pinks, whites… Find any excuse to draw a heart… etc…

I get most excited about doing a themed out manicure!  I had full intentions of doing something super awesome but like this post I got lazy.   I ended up just selecting the perfect shade of pink.  I just recieved my newest set of mark. nailed it nail laquers duo including a pink cream & a purple duo chrome.  The pink cream was perfect for a Valentine’s day mani.  What I loved so much about it is the cool blue/violet undertone making it a party pink rather than a little girl pink.  Plus its super creamy & a good formula.  Cupid couldn’t do better himself! 


The other half of the mark. nailed it contains Voilet Daze a purple duo chrome. Which is absolutely perfect for a Mardi Gras mani. Stay tuned for my non-lazy holiday mani!

The mark. Nailed It duo is part of the Night Iris capsule collection launching at the end of Feb. If interested on getting your hands (er nails) on these shades hit me up at aliciah.mentorassistant at gmail dot com.

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