4th of July Hangover – Nails and Week O’Nautical Nightcap


I know, its Tuesday… which means anything 4th of July vacation related is nothing more than a memory.  Well, a memory and some awesome pictures!  Since we’re (well I at least) am back to the normal grind I can take the time to reflect on the sparklers that were the 4th on a Wednesday followed by some fun and a trip to the coast.  Since my week O’Nautical kinda got interrupted by life here’s my looks from last week complied together!

4th Of July:

mani and my 'merica's
mani and my ‘merica’s

My Target find  for straight up mega patriotic shorts makes me so happy that all my America holidays will be filled with classic denim cutoff goodness!  So good they even have their own name, my ‘merica’s!  My nails looks like fun fireworks with China Glaze’s Love Marilyn an opaque glitter of red and silver.  Between my sister and I this shade has got some good use last Christmas but it works just as amazing in July!  Too bad this polish chips like a mo fo no matter what I do, so its really only good for one day, if it will even last that long!

And for fun here’s how I nightcapped my week o’nautical:

Fireworks and Friends
Fireworks and Friends

Fireworks with friends with some good ole’ America themed Budweiser tall cans and navy polka dotted corset from Tilly’s with white shorts from Guess and coral Rock Of Ages Necklace ($24)  from mark.

fireworks and 'merica's
fireworks and ‘merica’s

My 4th was kinda nautical since I spent the entire day in the pool finished off with my ‘merica’s and a red tank to set of fireworks and bbq before a night swim to end the night!  As for ending my holiday week we went camping on the coast in Dillon Beach where I tried to be nautical but it was so cold I basically lived in my North Face but at least my toes stayed nautical and festive in Essie’s Too Too Hot, the perfect summer bright red with a coral edge!

sandy pedi in essie too too hot
sandy pedi in essie too too hot
Fireworks in the coastal mist
Fireworks in the coastal mist

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