Fall Wish List – Brooks Brothers Fedora


I know I know… its the dog days of summer and I’m not wishing summer away AT ALL!  Actually I want it to last FOREVER!  However in the world of retail its prime new arrival time for fall.  Which means I of course am scouting it all out and one item I can’t stop thinking about is this BB #1 Stripped Fedora… in both colors!  I love them both!

BB #1 Stripped Fedora in Navy
BB #1 Stripped Fedora in Navy
BB #1 Stripped Fedora in Grey
BB #1 Stripped Fedora in Grey

In case you’re not a Brooks Brothers officiato BB #1 refers to stripe pattern on the band.  Its the classification for Brooks Brothers #1 stripe, most popular for ties and most classic.  My years of moonlighting at Brooks Brothers taught me well.  Because I’m both a hat person, a lover of BB #1 (esp in the burgundy and gold) and a Brooks Brothers fan I think I need this hat asap!

Shop the BB #1 Stripped Fedora for $78 at Brooks Brothers

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  1. sedrate says:

    I put a link to your blog in mine in case someone wants to order because I talk about the mark. makeup brushes. Hope that’s ok.

    1. ach167 says:

      absolutely! and my eboutique link is http://ahessinger.mymarkstore.com

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