Halloween Nails with OPI So So Skullicious

When I first saw OPI’s Halloween release I was like, uh pass… then a couple days went past and I could not stop thinking about the set, and how it’s such a fun day of the dead twist on a classic color selection.  So I told Amazon I wanted them, Amazon organized a trade, my money for the OPI So So Skullicious Set, and the rest was history!  Just in time for multiple Halloween manis!

OPI So So Skullicious
OPI So So Skullicious

The set included your classic orange, pink, black, yellow and a set of decals in fun day of the dead print skulls.   I personally felt the formula was great even for a mini.  I achieved full opaque in 2 coats except for Candlelight which required 3.  The decals were easy to apply.  You had to get them wet, then wet your nail (after the polish is dry), slide off the decal and place it on your nail, finish with top coat.  They all had a great shiny finish even before topcoat!

Walking Dead Mani
Walking Dead Mani

I created 2 looks with this set so far and still have over a week until Halloween so you KNOW more is to come!  For my first look I used A-Rose From The Dead on my pointer, middle and pinky.  On my ring I used Mourning Glory with a decal.  Since no two decals are the same I picked two that were similar and would show up nicely on the black.  For my thumb I used Mourning Glory with a thin vertical stripe of A-Rose from the Dead on the inner edges.  You can’t really tell here but I did 🙂  I also used Mourning Glory on my toes with a matching vertical stripe in A-Rose From The Dead on my big toe.  I highly enjoyed this mani pedi combo and it was PERFECT for The Walking Dead premier!  (Can I say how excited I am for season 3!!!)  And there’s that mark. Vintage Violet Stretch Ring ($18 at http://ahessinger.mymarkstore.com).  I told you it’s been my go to lately!

Halloween Mixed Media Mani
Halloween Mixed Media Mani

My 2nd creation was a mixed media mani with Mourning Glory on my thumb and ring, a chevron print on my pointer with a base of Candlelight and Hi, Pumpkin on top and Hi, Pumpkin on my middle and pinkie with Finger Paints Fall of Surprises for a little glitter!  The same glitter I used in my Oktoberfest mani a few weeks back!  This was without topcoat and after 2 days of wear so excuse the tip wear!

Please disregard the not so stellar quality of these pictures, they’re from my Instagram/phone so not the best but I never got around to taking a real nice shot with the real camera.  I have to say I’m really excited about this set and all the possibilities.  I love the day of the dead twist to your standard Halloween mani and the great OPI formula.  If you’re looking for something to do a Halloween themed mani with def get this set!  The colors will translate well outside of Halloween and they’re mini’s so what’s not to love!

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