How To Be A Bond Girl – Official Sévérine Manicure in Skyfall

Bond.  James Bond.

That phrase is as iconic as the men who have said it!  Skyfall, the newest addition to the Bond franchise drops today (or tomorrow depending on your local theater)… and OPI teamed up with the release for their winter/holiday collection.  Not only did they create a themed collection but a manicure worn by newest bond girl, Sévérine, in Skyfall.  Lucky for us its super easy to recreate so we all can be little bit of a bond girl, even if were doing dishes instead of shaking that martini instead of stirring it for the tuxedo clad Bond.  James Bond.

Official Sévérine manicure in Skyfall
Official Sévérine manicure in Skyfall

In the movie on bond girl Sévérine, OPI used Skyfall, a deep creamy red on the nail with Goldeneye, a dazzling gold glitter, on the underside.  It was a little difficult at first to get the glitter to go on well, it kept pooling but I’ve never fully painted the underside of my nails so it required a little practice.  The combination was chic and classic with an element of surprise, just like a bond girl should be.  I can see this translating well for the holiday season with your favorite red or even a deep green or black!  And you know what, it kinda did make me feel like a bond girl esp with my mark. Just Your Luxe Ring ($20), ready to take on the world… in style!  Grab this bond girl friendly ring at my eboutique now:

OPI Skyfall with mark. Just Your Luxe Ring
OPI Skyfall with mark. Just Your Luxe Ring

This collection is killer, and not just for the polishes named after the movies but the formula and color selections are wonderful too!  I’ve kind of stopped buying OPI, mainly for the fact they’re about $9.50 a pop but this collection as me reinvigorated in OPI!  And seriously, that pro wide brush is awesome.  One of those things where you get what you pay for.  The few I’ve used from the collection so far formula wise couldn’t be better with 2 coats and really no need for a topcoat!  (even though I still use it to keep it lasting longer).

I picked up Skyfall and the Bondettes mini collection including Goldeneye, The Spy Who Loved Me, The World Is Not Enough and Live and Let Die so stay tuned for a full swatch/review of those!  Still on my wish list, Her Majesty’s Secret Service, The Living Daylights and You Only Live Twice… I seriously spent way too much time at Ulta staring at all these beauties.  But seriously who am I kidding, I really want this entire collection!  Great colors for fall and winter and some really action packed glitters and shimmers for the holiday. Now let’s just hope the movie is as good as this collection!

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