Crazy For Coral

It’s January.  Bleck.  Everything is bleak and barren and Spring seems so far away.  However, it is a new year, and I’m ready for some change to brighten things up.  Just one look at the mark. magalog for January and you can instantly see why I’m cray cray for coral!  It instantly brightens, heightens and enlightens!

Crazy for Coral
Crazy for Coral

That cover look was created by mark. makeup artist Jamie Greenberg – who, by the way, I want to make my best friend because what I can gather by way of the world wide web haha she seems like the coolest girl ever!  Check out her YouTube channel and see what  I mean!  Jamie highlighted the face with pops of coral that really work for this time of year when you need a little color.  Blush is really your best friend in January!

Inspired, I decided to recreate the mark. magalog 1 cover look on myself!

Recreate The Look - Crazy For Coral
Recreate The Look – Crazy For Coral
A Coral Lip Really Pops With Coral Accessories
A Coral Lip Really Pops With Coral Accessories

Get The Look:

To recreate this look I followed Jamie’s steps only I also used Get In Line waterproof liquid liner in Painted Black on my top lash line.  I loved how this look instantly brightened my face and my day!  Recreate this look yourself and I promise it will instantly brighten your day as well.  You can shop all the products used at and print out the face chart below to easily follow Jamie’s steps:  Coral Craze Face Chart

Look for part 2 to my Crazy For Coral post where I’ll feature those KILLER coral accessories!

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