Take an Instant Vacation to Marrakesh

I’m not sure about you, but it’s not even officially summer yet and I’m already in desperate need of a summer vacation!  Since that’s not happening anytime soon I’m forced to take an instant vacation… WITH THE mark. INSTANT VACATION MARRAKESH CAPSULE COLLECTION!  Alright, so not exactly the same thing, but this capsule collection has everything you need to be instantly chic on a real vacation or for a more realistic stay-cation.

If this total look doesn’t put your mind instantly in vacation mode then I don’t know what will!

mark. Instant Vacation Marrakesh Total Look
mark. Instant Vacation Marrakesh Total Look

This look is definitely not something I normally would pick out or wear BUT after seeing it so effortlessly on others and after falling in love with the complete thought behind this capsule collection I had to jump out of my black and white box.  So glad I did because this look is the PERFECT summer look!  Especially for summer BBQ’s because its flowy fit allows for big meals 😉 wink wink!  My total look all can be purchased at my eBoutique:  http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger and consists of the Exotic Ease Maxi Dress ($34), Mesh Together Necklace ($28), Big Mix Up Bracelets ($20), Take Your Time Watch ($40), Swing By Earrings ($18), Stack and Style Rings ($18) and the Stand Back Heels ($38).  (The orange belt is part of the Belt Trio from mark. that’s been in and out of the sale section at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger)

Exotic Makeup with the Marrakesh Collection
Exotic Makeup with the Marrakesh Collection

To take it to total look level have to do exotic inspired makeup!  I used the Instant Vacation Marrakesh beauty products to create my look.  Really its all about the eyes with this look!  If you remember, I already introduced the Marrakesh collection beauty here, so I used those same products and created a more dramatic look.  I used the Exotic Eye Trio ($14) with the gold shade all over my lid, followed with the green shade on the outer edge with empahsis in the crease and the orangey shade just on the outside corner above the green shade.  To line the eyes I used the included brush, wet it, then lined the top lashes and tightlined my bottom waterline.  Who would of thought eyeshadow could make this dramatic of a line!?!  This formula wet is FANTASTIC and really brings out the gold.  To finish off the eyes I used a thin line of Get In Line in Painted Black on top and a coat of Lash Act in Blackest Black. I highlighted my cheeks and eyebrow bone with the Exotic Beauty Face Mosaic Pallet ($16).   I used a bit of Bronze Pro on my cheeks just for definition since the look is focused on the eyes and a nude lip.  All the products used are available at my eBoutique:  http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger

Exotic Eyes and Beach Waves with mark.
Exotic Eyes and Beach Waves with mark.

To complete the look beach waves were DEFINITELY in order!  On wet hair I just scrunched away with mark. Curl Commander Curl and Wave Defining Gel ($16) and a few spritzes of Curl to Curl  Reactivate and Define Mist ($14).  Then through out the day if things start to get frizzy or messy just spray some more Curl to Curl and scrunch.  If things get really bad, wet hands and scrunch, repeat as many times as necessary.  This is seriously the easiest way to get beach waves I’ve found, and the most successful!  You can get Curl Commander and Curl to Curl at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger

Follow it all up with a few sprays of the Instant Vacation Marrakesh Fragrance and you’re all set!  Since I’m not taking a real vacation anytime soon, I’m taking an Instant Vacation with this look!  Plan an awesome stay-cation by the pool, lake, beach, etc… or even just in the back yard.  Take the Marrakesh theme a step further and have a bbq complete with exotic foods, floor pillows, candle light or a bon fire/fire pit and some of your favorite people.  Put yourself in vacation mode… especially since you’ll already look the part!

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