From The Desk Of Alicia


Dear Readers,

I am writing to inform you that has received a full head-to-toe makeover!  This includes a new wardrobe in chic houndstooth, my favorite pattern and color combo!  Her accessories have been upgraded to an eye-candy header pic;  her body worked out and sculpted to a typeface suitable for words of power!  Most importantly – a name change!!! is NOW

Come to expect the same, only better!  Better looking, better posts, better features and most importantly better pictures!  (Oh that’s right, I’m the proud owner of a NEW SLR camera so be prepared!) Unfortunately, old helplicia url’s will no longer work, but all the content is here on word of alicia.  As I work out the bugs from transferring be sure to click the title of the article if the images aren’t populating.  Looking forward to more blogging awesomeness!



sealed with an a
sealed with an a

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