Black and Blue


It’s no secret I’m a sucker for an all black ensemble.  Besides being slimming, it also is the perfect canvas for your accessories!  My latest accessory obsession is anything in this summer blue, shades of turquoise, ocean and sky!

Black and Blue Look By mark.
Black and Blue Look By mark.

For my black canvas the dress and belt are vintage mark, check my sale section often for them to pop up at but they make the perfect showcase for the Chase The Blues necklace ($24), Blue Me In Earrings ($18) and Wild Blue Ring ($18) all by mark. and available at my eBoutique.  I just CAN NOT stop wearing these pieces, if you’ve seen me in the past month you’ve probably seen me wearing these.

Chase The Blues Necklace
Chase The Blues Necklace

I’ve been wanting a necklace in this style for some time now so when mark. came out with theirs I jumped on it!  You’ll see this style of statement necklace everywhere lately and this is one trend I’m totally all about.  I love how the Chase the Blues has some definition in the stones to keep each one unique.  If you recall I showcased this necklace on our initial Wear and Share Wednesday post!

Blue Me In Earrings
Blue Me In Earrings

The Blue Me In earrings are the perfect summer must have earrings!  They’re light and small to medium in size so you can wear them with your large statement pieces without competing.  Plus, the closed hook backs make them perfect for those occasions you might end up going for a swim in them.  I recently wore them on my vacation to Hawaii where ocean dips and looking casual yet chic were constant.

Wild Blue Ring
Wild Blue Ring

I don’t think I need to share how obsessed with this ring I am, just look at this picture.  Enough said!  I might of even matched my mani I was so inspired by these blue shades.  Try Essie In The Cab-Ana my summer go to shade so far this spring and summer, and I’m not usually one to wear blue nails but this one is so chic and fresh!

Black and Blue Look Perfect For Summer
Black and Blue Look Perfect For Summer

Try these pieces on your favorite all black canvas to really pop this summer!  Shop them at


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I also love black ensembles and agree they’re perfect for making your accessories POP! In this outfit I specially like the wild ring =D

    The Austrian Rose

    1. ach167 says:

      Thanks Rosie! I really love the ring, its probably one of my all time favorites, plus for being so big its actually really comfortable to wear!

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