5 Must Haves for a Hawaiian Vacation

I kicked off the summer in Maui, Hawaii… lucky, I know!!!  It def was a trip of a lifetime spent with good family and friends, but being my first time there I didn’t really know what to expect… or pack!  Let’s just say I did not pack right for 8 days in a tropical laid back beach town.  Even though what I brought wasn’t ideal I had enough to make do, and I had a few key items that were absolutely essential!  So if you plan on visiting the islands anytime in the future here’s my top 5 must-haves to pack!

1.  mark. Phone It In Bag ($28)

Phone It In Bag Touring Maui
Phone It In Bag Touring Maui
mark. Phone It In Bag from snorkeling to fruit stand
mark. Phone It In Bag from snorkeling to fruit stand

This seriously was my lifesaver!  Easy, transportable, fit all the essentials and in a fun tropical color!  This bag perfectly fit my phone, point and shoot camera, spf lip product, my mark. hookup with eyeliner and waterproof mascara, and my cash and cards.  Everything I needed out and about and in a cross body bag style I was hands free for activities!  It made life so much easier by just grabbing this and going and its compact size kept it functional from everything from hiking up a volcano crater to beachside lounging!  Not only was this essential for Hawaii pretty much any vacation you take this would prove its worth.  You can pick up this bag at my eBoutique http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger

2.  A simple gold bracelet

Dainty Gold And The Ocean
Dainty Gold And The Ocean

I picked up this m.powerment bracelet by mark. right before my trip and I didn’t take it off the entire time I was there.  It was just enough to be laid back but still give some shine.  It worked well swimming in the ocean, nights out, hiking, lounging and even in the shower.  I do not lie when I said I didn’t take it off.  I just knew that even if I didn’t put anything else on besides my bathing suit that this gave me a little extra something but didn’t make me look like I was overdoing it at all!  This bracelet is no longer available but you can accomplish the same thing with any dainty gold bracelet.  Try the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls line, they have a great offering at affordable prices.

3.  Printed Rubber Flip Flops

Tropical Flipflops in a Tropical Local
Tropical Flipflops in a Tropical Local

I’m a heels wearer through and through… even when I really shouldn’t be, but the laid back Island life required nothing but flip flops and I totally was on board.  I picked these tropical print ones from Old Navy for about $3, the BEST place to get rubber flip flops.  Tons of styles and colors and the best prices out there and I can attest to the quality.  These ones took me on a hike through the bamboo forest to see one of the best waterfalls.  If I can wear a pair of flip flops on a hike, through the sand and during all my ocean and beach days you know they’re good.  Now if you would like to step up your game try a pair of Havaianas, or if you want to be more like the locals try some from surf brands like Reef, or if you want to be more like the jet setting tourists grab the designer Tory Burch‘s!

4.  mark. Keep It Going Long Wear Waterproof Liner and Shadow in Naturalist

mark. Keep It Going in Naturalist
mark. Keep It Going in Naturalist

Pretty much everyday during my vacation I somehow ended up in the ocean, which I think is pretty common place in Maui.  So you needed to plan your look with a bathing suit underneath, versatile easy hair, and a makeup look that wasn’t overdone… and won’t smear all over your face once you body surf a wave or encountering the heat and humidity.  Enter in Keep It Going in Naturalist, this was my go to for mermaid eyes!  The duo consists of a deep coppery shimmery brown shade and a shimmery teal shade.  With these 2 combos I pretty much could create a go to look on my eyes that made me look a little put together but not overdone.  Some days I just lined my eyes in the brown or the teal or half teal half brown.  Other days I used my finger and applied the shimmery shades all over my lid.  If I needed a little extra definition at night I used the brown to shade my crease and the teal all over the lid.  Plus, it lasts and stays put and is travel friendly in size, no liquids so no problem flying with it!  (PS. see me wearing it here)

5.  Mastering beach waves

Everyone else windblown, Me,  perfect beach waves
Everyone else windblown, Me, perfect beach waves

There was absolutely no way I was blow drying my hair in that humidity!  I’m totally a weather snob here in dry hot Nor-Cal so any bit of humidity just makes me miserable… but not my hair.  Besides, like I said before, you end up in the ocean sometime during the day so no need for a blowout just beachy waves.  Plus it’s what all the locals look like anyways, with that great sea salt and sand that ends up in your hair.  I mastered the beach waves with mark. Curl To Curl spray ($14 – available at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger).  On wet hair I just sprayed this all over and scrunched.  Through out the day if things started to frizz I just wet my hands and scrunched some more.  Post ocean adventures I just combed through my hair then sprayed a little more and scrunched again.  Easy as that!  If your hair doesn’t hold then try pairing it with mark. Curl Commander Gel ($16).  This gel is soft not crunchy and will really hold the style.  AND NOW mark. has travel friendly mini’s!  ($8 each) at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger

mark. Hair Care Travel Set for ($24)
mark. Hair Care Travel Set for ($24)

BONUS MUST HAVE!  – Brazilian Cut Suit Bottoms

Trending - Brazilian Cuts
Trending – Brazilian Cuts

Ok, maybe this isn’t a must have more like an observation but all the locals had this style on.  I personally do not own this style but I saw it all over the place!  If you’ve been wanting to try this style out the Hawaiian Islands are the best place for it, you’ll fit right in.  Victoria’s Secret has a lot of options in this style.  Pair it with some cut off jean shorts and a top that’s loose cut so your bathing suit top shows through particularly in a sheer, burnout, crochet or lace fabric and you’ll have nailed the Isle Style.  Top it with a straw fedora or a snap back over your beachy waves!

Mahalo Maui
Mahalo Maui

Even if you don’t make it to Hawaii these items will still step up your Isle Style and make your stay-cation feel tropical worthy!

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