S.O.S. Save My Nails – Week 1 Update!


Its been just a little over a week since I implemented my S.O.S. Save My Nails Plan and so far so good…

Week 1 Nails - and a mark. sneak peek!
Week 1 Nails – and a mark. sneak peek!

The Good:  I def have noticed a different in the dryness in my hands, they’re much much more moisturized.  My cuticles are also much better, I’m not so embarrassed of them, so win!  My nails definitely are a little bit longer than last week, but I wouldn’t say too much more than a normal week’s growth.  I’m kinda liking the new nail shape especially in a bright creme polish like this, Julep’s Natasha and Ginger (on ring finger).

The Bad:    I’m not really good at sticking to the plan, especially the internal part.  Considering in the last three days I’ve had Burger King, Taco Bell and McDonalds so that eating healthier thing isn’t quite working out so well.  Definitely not drinking more water like I need to, and I forget to take my vitamins.

Week 2 Hopefulls:  Actually stick to the plan!  More vegetables, more water, consistency in applying my hand cream/cuticle oil and actually take my vitamins every day!

PS:  mark. Sneak Peek!  Check back on Friday to see the full details on this new clutch, necklace and tank!  Yay!

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  1. Katie says:

    Looking forward to your review of the new Mark. shirt in your picture!

    1. ach167 says:

      Katie, I full look just went up on my latest blog post

      The blouse def is cute! Just the right amount of sequin to make it fun without over doing it so you can wear it during the day no problem! It runs a little small so if you’re border line I’d say size up!

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