Got $20 In My Pocket… Styling $20 At A Time

You can thank me later for getting that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song stuck in your head, if it wasn’t already with all their Grammy success last night.  This year “I’m looking for a come up”  haha… but seriously, the song got me thinking, he’s right.  For $20 there’s a lot you can do, and with everything I have to be super budgeted for this year certain things need to fall on the back burner, for example decorating the new house.  Instead of just letting it completely go I’m going to apply $20 bucks and see what I can do!

H&M Chevron Pillow Covers
H&M Chevron Pillow Covers

First mega find, these chevron pillow covers at H&M.  They had them on special for $3.95, but even at the original price of $5.95 they still fit in my $20 budget.  I signed up for their email list providing me with a free ship code so for approximately $9 I got 2 pillow covers.  I already have ugly throw pillows my couch came with so… COME UP!

Chevron Pillows
Chevron Pillows
Black and White Home Decor
Black and White Home Decor

Continue you check back and see what else I can style with $20 in my pocket!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. sedrate organizes says:

    I really like the teacup.

    1. ach167 says:

      Christmas gift but I think they are from Home Goods!

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