Mugshot Monday: Zoya Cho

Zoya Cho
Zoya Cho

A huge nail trend for late winter early spring is nude nails.  They were all over awards season on plenty of celebrities.  Most top brands released a nude in their collections, including Zoya’s full on nude collection, the natural collection, being a huge hit.  I think this time of year we like a clean, natural nail look, our transition period from the darks and glittertastics of winter and holiday but before the bright and punchy colors of summer.  Lately my current obsession has been nude nails, I’ve been wearing Zoya Cho non-stop for the past couple of weeks!

Zoya Cho + Julep Love
Zoya Cho + Julep Love

I wore it for Valentine’s Day with Julep Love layered over it and a small white heart on my ring (Essie White Out).

Zoya Cho + mark. Spring Arrivals
Zoya Cho + mark. Spring Arrivals

I wore it with my new spring arrivals from mark. Looking fresh for last week’s Wear and Share Wednesday.

Zoya Cho + Julep Oscar + mark. Stack and Style Rings
Zoya Cho + Julep Oscar + mark. Stack and Style Rings

I wore it with gold tips using Julep Oscar to do a glitter gradient and then piling on the stackable rings from mark. (in and out of clearance at my eBoutique)

Are you down with OPP on the nude nail trend? Mugshot it up!  {then share :)}

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  1. sealaura says:

    You know I am down with OPP! You know me..haha
    I really like your description of how we go from darks and glittertastic nails to calm neutrals. Can totally relate.
    You know where to find my neutral/coconut love. 🙂

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