Mani Monday – Tips and Topcoat with Julep Monaco


I’m lazy and a procrastinator.  Which also means I’m pretty good at finding quick fixes to deal with the things I meant to do and never got around to or things I didn’t leave enough time for because I spent too much time on pinterest looking at 100 different pins on how to wear a chambray shirt (when I only wear it one way anyways…).  Such is the case for extending a mani, I have a quick fix that!  Tips and topcoat!

Example:  It’s 4pm on a Friday and I the mani I did on Monday isn’t looking weekend worthy, all scratched up, dull and definite tip wear.  I don’t have time to remove, base coat it up, 2 coats of polish and a topcoat and all to dry enough so its not a smudge fest for happy hour!  Enter in my quick fix to extend any mani, tips and topcoat!

NOT weekend worth with scratches and wear
NOT weekend worthy with scratches and wear
Definite tip wear, needs a QUICK FIX ASAP!
Definite tip wear, needs a QUICK FIX ASAP!

Just apply your color to the tips of your nails, including free edge.  Do a thin coat or touchup on any nail that’s particularly scratched/chipped/etc.  Then do a layer of topcoat (again making sure to get the free edge) and voila!  A weekend worthy mani in no time.

Julep Monaco Quick Fixed!
Julep Monaco Quick Fixed!

Obviously, I have crappy cuticles and you can see that up close, but also means you can see how this was my original mani quick fixed to a weekend ready mani!  Lazy girls rejoice!  Now come Sunday they’re going to look crappy again but Sunday Funday is made for Dexter binges and doing your nails!  So the Word of Alicia to quickly extend your mani is tips and topcoat!

Can we take a minute and comment on how AWESOME Julep Monaco is!  Its the perfect “dazzling blue” polish for spring.  Which if you didn’t know already by my posts here and here its the pantone color trend for spring!  Plus its vacation destination name just makes me happy!  Sign up to become a Julep Maven here AND get your first box for FREE using promo code FREEBOX here.


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