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Zoey Getting Snuggly In A Fall Scarf
Zoey Getting Snuggly In A Fall Scarf

If the world of Alicia was the internet new fall arrivals for #fallpreview would totally be trending!  This time of year is a total love hate relationship for me.  I LOVE summer, absolutely LOVE summer so I would never want to wish it away, but fall is a pretty cool time too!   Plus, all the best stuff comes out for back to school and the new season.  It’s like going back to school, you really dread it and you hate that you can’t sleep in everyday and watch daytime tv like The Price Is Right, but on the other hand you were excited to get new stuff and go back and see your friends.  I’m highly enjoying my hot summer days but here are a few things I’m slightly obsessing over new for fall.


Bath and Body Works Home Scents

Can shopping at Bath and Body Works actually be a tradition!?  Well, it is in my world!  Fall isn’t complete without attending the fall scent event (usually in late Aug/early Sept) where I stock up on all my favorite fall candles, sleeves, hand soaps and wall flowers! Usually the event involves some mega deals and free gifts and we all know we’re a sucker for anything FREE!  One product that always makes the cut is a triple wick candle in Leaves.  Its perfect for filling up a whole room with a crisp, not to overwhelming fall scent.  Which is why I’m so excited that this week is their Fall Preview Week!  In stores they have a small selection of new releases and favorites that you can get now, or at least preview and make your list for their fall event.  This display is only out for a week before they pack it up and send it back to wait until it’s official release.  My pick from the preview event is the pumpkin mini candle gift set ($24).  I might already have it sitting out on my coffee table.  (with my summer scented coconut candles in the kitchen, oooops!)

B&BW Pumpkin Candle Gift Set
B&BW Pumpkin Candle Gift Set

mark. New Fall Arrivals

This year mark. went seasonal!  In the past a small collection was released every 4 weeks, now we get one large release each season, making it way easier to get all your loves all at once and enjoy them all season long!  This year’s release includes everything you need to update and transition your beauty and fashion.  They really nailed the fall trends this year!  As part of my fall preview week here on the blog. I’ll be highlighting a few of my favorites I got early for you as the full collection launches August 8th! (at

mark. Fall Preview
mark. Fall Preview


Fall TV

Fall TV is the best!  All your favorite shows return and a bunch of newbies come on the scene to fill up your DVR.  I’m most looking forward to the return of The Walking Dead!  With Comic Con just happening last weekend we got a preview of Season 5 and it looks CRAY CRAY!  Remember when the craziest thing was the walkers being kept in the barn… we’ll Dorothy, we’re not on the farm any more!  But what I can tell is they survive being shoved in that trailer and not being eaten by the possible cannibals.  AND at the very end of the trailer we see a sneak peek at Beth, which was a serious question in my book…  I’m so scared, I’m so excited!

The Waling Dead  (source)

Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer here:

…aaaaand the walking dead chat is now open… what are your theories?  what are you most excited to see and not excited to see.  I totally am over the long drawn out episodes so I hope there’s more action and bringing them more together so I’m not flashing between a million different story lines.

The Odd Couple
The Odd Couple  (source)

And on a lighter note I’m kinda super excited for new show, The Odd Couple on CBS featuring Chandler and Dangle aka Mathew Perry and Thomas Lennon.  I loved the original Odd Couple so its going to be hard to recreate such a Nick-At-Night masterpiece, but if anyone can do it, its them!  What other new shows coming this fall are you excited about?  Seems a lot of super-hero type series are coming out and as always a ton of new dramas, but not a whole lot of comedies…

Be sure to check back all week as I continue Fall Preview Week here on the blog!  New arrivals, plus what you can use now and later and just what to get jazzed for!


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