From The Desk Of Alicia – Update

Programming Note
Programming Note

Just a little programming  note:  My truly beloved macbook is in the shop.  Which means all my files, pictures, etc are currently unavailable.  I had all these grand adventures and fall previews to share with you but the computer gods had a different idea.  Please bare with me until things are back to normal and I’m not trying to do everything off my gen 1 ipad or phone.

I’m usually a pretty much glass half full kind of gal but lately I swear Murphy’s Law is in full effect!  But even mentioning Murphy’s Law reminds me of my dad’s old office at the township building in Summit… like the OLD office building that was really just a garage for all the equipment with a few offices up front.  He had this Murphy’s Law sign hanging in it and as a I kid I never really understood it but had my parents try to explain it.  I’d read it again and again… thinking it was, funny?  So even in a not so fun time I’m reminded of my oh so fun dad, which puts a smile on my face.


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