Fall Preview: The Trench Coat

There are a few things you can count on to be in style every season, every year.  The Classic Trench Coat is one of them!  This fall the trend is still that classic coat but dialed up a notch with trendy details.  Here are a few options to start your fall shopping with or at least pin onto pinterest to pick up once jacket weather starts to creep in.

mark. Classic Move Coat  $75

mark. Classic Move Coat

mark. Classic Move Coat


mark. updated the classic trench by making it black instead of tan, and added quilted leather detailing to the sleeves and shoulders.  Its still basic enough to go with everything but has enough interest to make it worth while!  I have a black trench from Express I got back in 2000 that is my GO-TO coat for fall.  Sadly, it has a rip in the back, but 14 years is a good run.  I will be replacing it with this coat.  Knowing how much a good black trench works for my wardrobe I’m pretty excited to replace it with this one.  Plus the mark. Classic Move Coat ($85) has a bit of that equestrian look with the faux quilted leather so it will goPERFECTLY with some riding boots! (available at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger starting Aug 8th)

Pinsperation on how to wear it:





Ann Taylor Trench Dress $149

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor

Years ago Ann Taylor put out a sleeveless trench that had me OBSESSING!  I never picked it up and kick myself each September when a sleeveless trench would be PERFECT to ward off the slight morning chill and still look SUPER CHIC!  This year AT updated the classic trench by making it a sleeveless dress version.  This is my pick for wear now, wear later!  I love it as a dress or draped over as a vest.

Pinspiration on how to wear it:





Burberry London Sandringham Leather Trim Jacquard Trench Coat $2495

Burberry London

Burberry London

The ultimate in trench coats, Burberry London has the classic trench DOWN, but for fall they updated it with a textured print.  I’m loving the luxurious jacquard print which really dresses up the look.  Jacquard prints are another trend shaping up to be big for this fall/winter.

Pinspiration on how to wear it.





Whichever trend you want to embrace, leather accents, sleeveless or jacquard, a trench coat is NEVER a bad idea.


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