Give Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you all get to enjoy the day with loved ones and eat something tasty!  A few things I’m thankful for:

this guy:

Ross Thayer Photography
Ross Thayer Photography

these crazies:


these pups:

Zoey and Lexi
Zoey and Lexi

beautiful skies:

Ice House Reservoir
Ice House Reservoir


my cameras:

so i can take lots of pictures like of courtneypoo
so i can take lots of pictures, like this one of courtney-poo


the moments and memories I have that I didn’t capture on film.


Cheer’s to another Thanksgiving to be oh so thankful!  I’m also so thankful that anyone even looks at the blabber that is this blog and shops my avon adventure!  Thanks for supporting me and my passion projects!

Here’s a little more thanks… get FREE SHIPPING on any order!  Shop the little things that make you happy!



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