Casual Soft Shades with mark. Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt

Soft Shades with mark. Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt

Soft Shades with mark. Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt

Some days require things to be a little more casual.  Effortless pieces, comfortable flats, air dried waves and a bit of luxe does the trick to be casual, comfortable and quick and easy.  Especially on dreary February days a little comfort goes a long way, lucky for me I have the perfect piece the mark. Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt ($28).  It was one of my picks for things to buy in February (see here) for a reason.

mark. Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt

mark. Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt

Besides it being super comfy it has a chiffon trim that allows you get the layered look without the bulk.  The cropped sleeves and textured fabric also take this into cute top territory instead of sloppy sweatshirt.  Chic sweatshirts have definitely been something I can get behind (as seen here and here!).


Leopard Flats and Grey for Days

Leopard Flats and Gray for Days

February is a tough month to dress for.  Kinda over all those wintery pieces but it’s not quite spring yet.  The perfect way to combat that is introducing the soft shades pallet into the mix.  Grays, whites, blush, nudes and the like are great transitional colors.  Try going chromatic by sticking in the same family and breaking it up with some texture (like the chiffon trim and fabric of the mark. Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt).  I could enter a witty 50 shades of Grey pun here, but you get the idea…

Sparkle and Casual Waves

Sparkle and Casual Waves

Keep it casual with some flats like these mark. Hit The Spot Flats (who even have gray in the leopard spots!).  Truth:  these are the MOST comfortable flats I’ve ever worn, EVER!  And they look super cute on so win win!  Follow it up with some sparkle, a baby pink lip, and casual waves.  I let my hair air dry after I ran a bit of mark. Curl Commander Gel through my hair to give it a little texture.  Perfect look for those running late days, a quick and easy look from head to toe!

Soft Shades and Leopard

Soft Shades and Leopard

Everyone needs that chic go-to casual outfit and I think I found mine!  Have you embraced chic casual and/or soft shades?  You can shop the look here: 

Casual Chic in Soft Shades with mark.

Casual Chic in Soft Shades with mark.


  1. Is the sweatshirt see-through? I bought the blouse with the tail and was disappointed to find that you could see through it.

    1. No it’s to see through, it’s a typical sweatshirt material it just has some texture to it. Obviously the chiffon trim is, but that’s just the trim at the bottom. I was not disappointed in the Flow With It Blouse material at all! I thought it was typical of any white blouse in a dressier material. As with any white top the proper undergarments are a given!

      1. I’ll try my luck with this sweatshirt then. I found that you could perfectly see every crinkle in the shirt underneath the flow with it blouse. Thanks for your insights! Basically, if you haven’t worn it in your blog, I don’t buy it.

      2. Oh gosh well that’s a heavy responsibility haha, but I def showcase my favorites! Sidenote: I love Express Bra Cami’s under everything and anything. They’re the best fit for me, love the quality, smooth things out like spanks and stay put. I wear one pretty much every day!

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