Copy Cat Look: Tamron Hall, The Today Show



What to wear to work:  Plaid Pant Suit
What to wear to work: Plaid Pant Suit

Every morning after hitting snooze a few times to my 3 (yes 3) different alarms and struggle to pull myself out of bed, head to the Keurig for my tea and then to the couch to turn on The Today Show to lounge myself awake.  I like the mindless entertainment with a dash of news and some weather forecasting to get me ready for the day.  As I was watching one day I noticed one of the reporters, Tamron Hall, looked amazingly put together in a glenn plaid pant suit.  Usually the girls are in their business casual dresses or blouse and skirt combo, but this day Tamron stood out!  She was so on point with her look that I just had to re-create it!

Here’s a look (a crappy pixilated screen cap of the broadcast) at Tamron’s look:

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.56.09 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 3.01.32 PM

Tamron Hall's Plaid Today Show Look
Tamron Hall’s Plaid Today Show Look

Let’s analyze shall we… grey glenn plaid ankle pants, 5-button vest over a crisp white button down with some fun broaches for interest, capped off with some killer pointed toe pumps.  The look is a feminine and fitted twist on the menswear suit, perfect for the office!  Shopping my closet I was able to replicate to the best of my ability.

Plaid Pant Suit For Work
Plaid Pants and Vest from H&M

I had this charcoal plaid vest and pant pairing from H&M (old) which embodied her tailored menswear look.  Even though I could of worn one of my Brooks Brothers non-irons (last seen here) I decided to go with a sheer white blouse with a long shirt tail.

Suiting Style
Suiting Style

For visual interest I went with an oversized pearl bracelet set (BeBe).  The accessories still have that old school feel with a modern twist like Tamron’s broaches achieved.  For my shoes I went with the mark. Sassy Stepper Pumps.  Killer shoes with a pointed toe, snakeskin detailing and a menswear vibe!

mark. Sassy Stepper Pumps
mark. Sassy Stepper Pumps
Oversized Pearl Bracelets
Oversized Pearl Bracelets
Copy Catting Tamron Hall
Copy Catting Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall helped me get ready for the day in more ways than one!  I appreciate her perfectly tailored pieces and stepping out of the so run of the mill biz casual dresses for a look that was on point!  I would love to see more power pieces like suiting separates on the ladies that trend, but I guess I’ll just have to start with my own look!  Thanks Tamron for the inspiration, and frankly, making my day with an outfit.  The power of fashion.

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