Afternoon Tea: Earl Grey

Afternoon Tea is a ritual introduced in Britain in the early 1800’s where in no time all of fashionable society was sipping tea and nibbling sandwiches in the middle of the afternoon.  These days Afternoon Tea is usually only an occasional luxury for the British; a birthday treat in a country house hotel, or a welcome break from a hectic days shopping ‘in town’.  In the world of Alicia afternoon tea is a moment to have a little snack, zen out and recharge before finishing the days work.  I’m very much a tea person and would love if you’d join me for some afternoon tea!

I’m trying to make Afternoon Tea a daily ritual in my day to day.  In addition to my zen moment, it will also be my social moment, because after all, it is a social engagement.  Be sure to follow Word Of Alicia on Instagram where I’ll be sharing my Afternoon Tea!  Let’s launch this here on the blog first!

Earl Grey in my cup and burning bright!

In My Teacup:  Twinings Earl Grey in a Lenox Park City mug

What’s The Word:  Avon Earl Grey Triple Wick Candle ($11.99).  This doesn’t quite smell like a strong Earl Grey tea but more like the soft bergamot, rose and cedar.  It’s the perfect all day comfort candle.  I ordered a ton of these triple wick candles from Avon and this Earl Grey one I was most excited for, because I love Early Grey tea!  Burns well and the label peels right off if you wanted a sleek look.  (nails featured in my last post, see here!)

Avon Earl Grey Triple Wick Candle

You can shop all the triple wick candles Avon has to offer at my eBoutique but I highly recommend this Earl Grey one!   Let’s be classy, social and high societal and join me for Afternoon Tea over on instagram, and maybe a few here on the blog too.

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