Iconic Avon

One thing about being around for 134 years… you become iconic.  There is always something nostalgic and vintage with Avon.  Heather from Hopelessly Heather and I love a good classic vintage look so with the Iconic Avon collection we were inspired.

On Heather:   Iconic Mini Lip Color (wearing the mauve shade in the pink tube)

Iconic Avon Statement Necklace, Iconic Avon Pearly Locket, Iconic Avon Stud Earrings, Iconic Avon Pearly Ribbon Brooch. 

“I always look forward Avon’s Iconic offerings—their vintage vibe is totally my jam!  This time around, they released a few items that make a big splash!  

I used the Pearly Ribbon Brooch to help create a “soft” waistline on my dress by gathering some of the excess material to nip in one side.  Brooches are the quintessential retro accessory, but they are also the most flexible—you can wear them on hats, lapels, scarves, handbags, in your hair…the sky is the limit!  They always add a touch of elegance.

The Iconic Mini Lip Color trio tube designs are so stinkin’ cute, and you can easily pop all three in your handbag to reapply throughout the day to create different looks.  The lipstick itself is creamy, goes on smoothly, and strong color.  My fave easily the mauve hue in the pink tube—it’s…mauve-lous.  ::ba dum tiss::

I opted to loop the super long chain of the Pearly Locket around my neck an extra time so it would hang at a more traditional level, which always gives the added bonus of creating a choker layer, which I’m all about.  The locket is fairly large and heavy with a magnetic closure—it would easily hold a small photo or lock of hair, and there’s no fear they’d get lost by a locket malfunction…those magnets are strong.

The Statement Necklace and Stud Earrings scream royalty.  The necklace is very upper-class, and hangs at the collar level.  It’s a substantial piece, but not overwhelming.  The opulent pink cat’s eye glass stones break up the goldtone scroll leaf design of the chain.  The earrings are a little simpler, but they are perfectly paired with the necklace.  Together, they command respect and attention.  The only thing missing from this collection is a crown!”

On Alicia: Iconic Avon lip, Studio 1886 Soft Knit Dress, Iconic Eye Collection, Iconic Elastine Perfumed Hair Serum – Amethyst, Iconic Veilment Perdumed Body Gel – Sunset Bloom.

There’s just something extra beautiful about vintage, just a little more glam. Right now, I’ll take anything that’s makes me feel a little extra glam. Like, perfumed hair serum, that looks just as stunning sitting on your vanity.

An iconic cat eye winged liner is my everyday go to. The Iconic Eye collection gives me the must haves to achieve it everytime… smooth and tightened lids, lots of lashes and the perfect liquid liner. I have raved over this liner before but it really is that perfect. The felt tip isn’t too stiff or too soft and its smooth black black formula lasts all day. Plus! the value on this set for $35 is outstanding!

The Studio 1886 Soft Knit Dress was giving me those vintage vibes that meshed perfectly with this collection. I may not be as chic as my vintage inspo from grandma-in-law Mary, but I try 😉

These Iconic Avon pieces are limited edition and only on the eBoutique a few more days! But don’t fret as more Iconic Avon is launching just in time for holiday!

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  1. hethrgood says:

    Reblogged this on Hopelessly Heather and commented:
    Alicia, over at Word of Alicia, and I snapped some more retro-inspired photos for our most recent blog collaboration featuring Avon’s current limited-edition Iconic collection!
    Get all the deets by checking out her blog post (an excerpt is below), then snag your favorite pieces for yourself here:


  2. hethrgood says:

    Another great collab in the books–thank you for the invite! ❤

  3. The childhood photos were a great touch!

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